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News from Members Professionalism begins with up-to-date education. Envisia launches new courses for the business community

Professionalism begins with up-to-date education. Envisia launches new courses for the business community

by Envisia Services February 14, 2023


We live in a fast-paced business environment and continuous learning process is vital for any company and professional who wants to remain relevant.

Envisia - The First Business School in Romania for Board Directors launches a new series of courses and certifications this spring, designed to keep specialists in the now. The courses will take place between March and May 2023 and are dedicated to all professionals that understand that continuous education is the foundation of a strong career development.

Up-to-date topics and top-notch facilitators

Bringing fresh and relevant themes to the table, facilitated by top notch trainers and practitioners, Envisia’s courses focus on providing useful tools for professionals and companies. The main topics of Envisia’s courses are: creating a culture of innovation, corporate governance, financial analysis, operational risks assessment, business valuation and capital markets.

The courses will be delivered live, online, and will be highly interactive and practical. Important to mention is that each attendee will receive a digital certificate.

Find below the main topics covered during Envisia courses organized this Spring and key take-aways.

Course #1. Creating a Culture of Innovation in An Uncertain and Disruptive World, March 16 2023

This one-day class focuses on the people, processes, and philosophy of innovative organizations to help you develop your ability to innovate by generating more ideas and putting them into action. It explores the behaviors of innovation leaders, and subsequently the process of how innovators turn their ideas into reality.

Learning outcomes: You’ll learn how to build a company’s strategy in the age of disruption, innovate for building new growth, create a culture of innovation and develop skills for the current uncertain times.

Facilitator: Gilda Scarfe, PhD, Mental Toughness Expert, Member on the Advisory Board of the Global Flourishing Study led by HARVARD University in collaboration with Baylor University and the founder and CEO of the Mental Toughness Institute (MTI) & Positive Ed.

About the course:

Course #2. Corporate Governance – overview, principles, and best practices, March 23, 2023

In the increasingly complex economic context characterized by a growing uncertainty and mistrust, companies must ensure business continuity within optimal parameters, which implies a good organization, agility, and risk management, thus sending a message of trust and stability to economic and social partners. These strategic objectives can only be achieved through a modern management system, transposed into an efficient framework of corporate governance.  

Learning outcomes: Understand the importance of assuring the premises for a good corporate governance framework; Know what the architecture of the corporate structures and the interdependencies between them is; become familiar with the decision-making flow; Understand the segregation of the responsibilities between shareholders / administrators / directors; Be aware of the impact of ESG requirements – Environment, Social, Governance.

Facilitator: Narcisa Oprea - Lawyer/Consultant/Trainer, Partner – Schoenherr, a top professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate governance and capital markets.

About the course

Course #3. Financial Analysis – a practical approach

This course shows how you can perform a comprehensive financial analysis of the organization using a variety of ratios derived from its financial statements. It illustrates multiple ways of digging through financials and calculating meaningful ratios, turning a good financial analyst into a great analyst.

Learning outcomes: learn to read and analyze the major financial statements - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow; Be able to evaluate a company using ratio analysis; Go in depth into the financial reporting specifics for individual line items; Practice various financial analysis techniques.

Facilitator: Mirela Păunescu, Phd, FCCA, CIA. Top consultant holding an impressive portfolio of international and national professional qualifications such as: FCCA, CIA, CAFR, CCF and CECCAR along with a solid academic background: a PhD in Accounting from ASE Bucharest and an MBA from Bentley University USA (graduated with High Distinction).

About the course:

Course #4. Operational Risks Assessment and Business Continuity Management, April 25-26 2023

This course provides a systematic approach covering the fundamentals needed to manage operational risks in banks and financial institutions. The course takes participants on a deep dive into the methods of building an operational risk management framework, understanding the ISO 22301 and how PDCA-Plan-Do-Check-Act and operating principle of this standard should be applied.

Learning Outcomes: Master the knowledge and practical techniques needed to investigate an operational risk incident; Manage the operational risk in long term and in unprecedent situations; Understand the importance of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and its role in continuous organization management as well as the role BCP plays in building enterprise resiliency; Gain insight into best practices in BCP

Facilitators: Adrian Codirlașu, PhD, CFA - Presenter / Trainer – VP AAFBR, VP of the CFA Society Romania, Associate Professor and Adrian Baciu, PhD - International Consultant / Presenter / Trainer/BCP Coordinator - Country Chief Security Officer, Omniasig, VIG.

About the course:

Course #5. Business Valuation, May 11 – 12 2023

The course focuses on two critical concepts of the economic life: business and value. As practitioners interested in economy and more specifically in finance, lecturers will guide you to know what a business is worth as a pre-requisite for decision making in finding on the appropriate price in a transaction and in making management and financing choices when running a business. The course in developed in partnership with and endorsed by AAFBR.

Learning outcomes: Gain knowledge and master the main valuation techniques; How to build Discounted Cash-Flow Model using inputs such as Weight Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Net Working Capital (NWC), Capital Investments (CAPEX), Net debt and TerminalValue; How to make key judgments for a convincing business assessment; Understand the role of business plan for a valuation exercise.

Facilitator: Mihai Căruntu – Presenter / Trainer, Senior Analyst Corporate Finance Division, BRD – GSG, member of AAFBR; Carmen Lipara, PhD - Presenter / Trainer/Consultant in Valuation, Modeling and Economics, member of AAFBR; Daniela Ropotă, CIIA – Presenter / Trainer/Consultant and Manager, Valuation, Modeling and Economics, PwC, President of AAFBR; Mihai Stan, FCCA - Presenter / Trainer / Comsultant, member of AAFBR.

About the course:

Course #6. Capital Markets – opportunities and challenges for companies: a practical guide, May 26, 2023

The course presents in a practical way the specific concepts and mechanisms of investments in the capital market, the benefits of becoming a listed company, criteria considered when investing in the capital market, investors’ risk appetite and essential elements in evaluating companies. The course in developed in partnership with and endorsed by AAFBR.

Learning outcomes: Understand how companies use the capital market: advantages and benefits; Know how the decision to invest in the Capital market is taken; Appraise how listed companies are valued; Understand the risk and return characteristics of investments on capital market; Appreciate the impact of ESG on the investment decision.

Facilitators: Adrian Codirlașu, PhD, CFA – VP of AAFBR, VP of CFA Society Romania, Member of ACI Romania and Mihai Purcărea, CFA – Member of AAF Board of Directors, Board Member of CFA Society Romania

About the course

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