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News from Members KPMG in Romania has launched RoVisa Express - the app that helps you cut through the clutter of the Romanian immigration process!

KPMG in Romania has launched RoVisa Express - the app that helps you cut through the clutter of the Romanian immigration process!

by KPMG Romania July 1, 2013

Website www.kpmg.ro

RoVisa Express is the new mobile application from KPMG in Romania, which guides you through the Romanian immigration process in 5 easy steps. Romania has, challenging and complex immigration regulations. The procedures and conditions vary depending on your nationality, duration of stay and reason for your stay in Romania as well as the type of activity performed. With easy-to-access information, this app helps you find out about the rules regarding immigration and visa requirements for all categories of stay from 228 countries throughout the world.

Are you planning to enter Romania for business purposes or simply pay a visit to your friends in Romania? Are you considering employment in Romania or have you been sent by your employer on an international assignment to Romania? Regardless of the reason for your stay, inside this app, you will find useful personalized information, based on your citizenship, on whether or not you need a visa, and, if you do, whether you may benefit from special visa rules or fast track procedures. You can also find the main eligibility criteria to obtain a specific visa, work or residence permit, depending upon the purpose for your stay in Romania. You can also find definitions of some terms in the Glossary, which may ease your understanding of the Romanian immigration requirements. So you can deal with them quickly and then concentrate on the things that really matter.

This app contains information of a general nature, and therefore, it cannot be regarded as comprehensive, complete, accurate advice tailored to your individual circumstances. Consequently, if you need specific advice, you should consult qualified professionals. The application is currently available for iPad devices. The app also keeps users up to date when KPMG publishes new articles and insights.
KPMG in Romania is the first to launch a unique immigration app in Romania, available in ITunes Store.

Some of the main features of RoVisa Express are:

  •  Available in English;
  •  Gives information about entry, work and residence in Romania for individuals, filtered by country of origin, duration of stay, reason for stay, type of intended activity to be performed in Romania, country that released a study diploma and normal or biometric passport, according to your selection;
  •  Customizable selection for the immigration requirements you choose;
  • Can be shared with your staff or business partners in one click;
  •  See the latest news from KPMG offices around the world and find out all about legislative changes that may affect you;
  •  Stay tuned with KPMG in Romania's events;
  •  Connect with KPMG on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin;
  • Automatic content update - No need to visit an app store for latest versions;
  • It will also give users access to a broad range of additional information, including updates on new regulatory and legislative developments.

Mãdãlina Racovițan, Partner, Head of People Services at KPMG in Romania, says: "Romanian immigration process is complex and subject to frequent change. This new app from KPMG in Romania will be a great help, to those who are planning to enter Romania for business purposes or simply pay a visit to their friends, allowing people to instantly assess their own situation and understand what steps they need to take to be compliant."
Șerban Toader, Senior Partner in KPMG says: "Global Mobility is a hot topic, where we see more and more people in the global economy, on the move. There are less traditional expats move and then live in another country. They are being replaced by commuters - who have a role in various countries, by short term business travelers. Those are the people who are on planes, on trains nowadays. We want to cover the need to find fast, useful and personalized information, based on different criteria like citizenship, whether or not the traveler needs a visa, or the possibility of benefiting from special visa rules or fast track procedures."
You can download our app from Apple AppStore.

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