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News from Members Hacking Health Hackathon awards three innovative health apps, including ‚Sanguinity’ an application for the management of blood donors

Hacking Health Hackathon awards three innovative health apps, including ‚Sanguinity’ an application for the management of blood donors

by Janssen Romania October 31, 2017

„Sanguinity” – an app to facilitate an efficient management of the blood donors, „Baby Steps” – a complex app that explains the development stages in a child’s life and offers guidance with regards to medical exams and vaccination calendar, „MedNet” – an unique application for protecting the patients’ private data – are the winning projects of Hacking Health, the first healthcare hackathon organized by Johnson&Johnson Romania with the support of Smart Everything Everywhere (SEE).


  • Baby Steps team, application the same name

"Through this project, we want to meet the needs of all parents who are looking for specialized advice and information from informed/authorized sources to enable them to monitor the developmental stages and periodic medical checks required for children. Participating in hackathon is the most important moment for us in developing this product because we could validate our idea with the help of specialists here" said Baby Steps. (Alexandra Laţcu, Ovidiu Lazcu, Cristi Jora).
EX: The application guide parents on how to avoid iron deficiencies, how to manage administration of vitamine D, how to breastfeed or to diversify nutrition. The system guides parents for doctor visits, analyzes, age-related vaccinations and has an alert system. It creates a medical history that is easy to access and is used for the vaccination schedule.

  • Sanguinity team- the same name application

"The idea started inside the team from high number of emergencies related to the lack of blood donors. With the help of this application, donor centers will be able to optimize donor databases and their flow. By notifications sent by the application, donors will be able to present themselves to the centers within a timeframe that is appropriate to their availability. Thus, the potential to mobilize recurring and casual donors is increased and situations where certain medical interventions cannot be achieved due to the lack of a blood group will be reduced as much as possible. " (Liviu Florin Albei, Mircea Pavel, Ion Orins, Paul Bricman, Andrei Vasile, Alexandru Plesoiu, Gabriel Puiu, Radu Pogonariu)

  •  Byzantine Generals – MedNet

"The MedNet application is based on Blockchain technology and responds to the need to protect patient data and private data in general in the context of the entry into force of a new set of European regulations to this effect announced for May next year. Our project is based on two years of documentation for understanding the technology and identifying the best applicability to the medical system in Romania " said representatives of Bizantini General Staff (Bogdan Cioc, Tiberiu Cioc).
The project is a solution to process the distribution of data access through block chain. It creates a marketplace by requesting authorization for anonymous data transfer, it offer the ability to buy aggregate data. It represents a security solution for accessing personal data.

Other information:

  • There were 21 teams and projects
  • Best team effort" award to the team that proposed the Sanguinity application
  • "Best hacker" award to Liviu Albei, member of the Sanguinity team

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