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News from Members BVB Launches New Initiative in the Field of Financial Education, Called "Fluent in Finance"

BVB Launches New Initiative in the Field of Financial Education, Called "Fluent in Finance"

by Bucharest Stock Exchange July 17, 2015

Website www.bvb.ro/

On July 15th, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has officially launched new educational initiative under the name “Fluent in Finance”. “Fluent in Finance” project aims to support personal and professional development of the employees of Romania-based companies as well as increase their awareness about managing own finances.

The project envisages BVB together with 4 partner brokerage firms – Alpha Finance, BT Securities, Estinvest and Intercapital Invest to collaborate with companies and corporations in Romania, in order to offer free seminars on the topic of financial education to their employees. By participating in the “Fluent in Finance” seminars, companies’ employees will have a chance to gain additional skills and knowledge in the area of finance management, learn about the importance of accumulating wealth and learn how to invest on stock exchange thus, will be fully-equipped to become a knowledgeable investor.

"Understanding and profiting from the knowledge, how the capital markets function, paves the way towards individual prosperity. In today's world, the skills to use financial instruments are like the skill to speak foreign languages. We invite all participants of our innovative projects to embark with us on a journey towards fluency in investing" said Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB CEO.

With the pilot project, scheduled to take place between July and December 2015, BVB wishes to reach out to 20 exceptional companies located throughout Romanian in order to provide seminars to their employees. This project underlines the importance of financial education in the long-term perspective and is in line with Bucharest Stock Exchange’s role in educating and informing the Romanian society about the need and benefits of investing and actively managing own financial resources.

“Fluent in Finance, together with the other projects initiated by the Bucharest Stock Exchange reconfirms BVB’s appetite for capital market development and we could have not missed this opportunity to join the project. This project will bring a fresh and innovative approach towards financial information, providing support to the potential investors personally and directly at their workplace.” said Radu Rosca, CEO of BT Securities.

"We got involved in Fluent in Finance project because we want financial education and investment services to reach professionals from all areas of activity. The general context of declining bank interest brings investment opportunities that should be known and understood by the general public." said Razvan Pasol, CEO of Intercapital Invest.

“Alpha Finance Romania is honored to participate as partner of the Fluent in Finance program organized by BVB. Alpha Finance strongly believes that a pillar of the developed capital markets is represented by a large and well educated base of retail investors. Fluent in Finance aims to introduce to young professionals who want to have control over their own future not only the opportunities of the Romanian capital market, but more importantly, the principles and methods by which they can make educated decisions independently to achieve their goals. By top investment analisis, Alpha Finance offers high standards of transparency and information to investors and gladly joins Fluent in Finance program initiated by BVB, to accelerate public awareness on the Romanian capital market”, said Dimitris Hatzisarros, CEO of Alpha Finance.

“The development potential of the Romanian capital market is huge, but it requires a joint effort of all those involved in this field for the development of retail investments. Aware of this, we welcome the initiative of BVB and we are glad for Estinvest to join the project” said Lucian Isac, CEO of Estinvest.

The first companies to introduce the Fluent in Finance project for their employees are: Enel, Idea Bank, Idea Leasing, Garanti Bank, KPMG Romania and Orange Romania

“We appreciate the BVB’s initiative and we joined with enthusiasm in this project. We want to offer our colleagues access to a basic level of understanding of the stock exchange/market capital. We work in the financial business, we are part of an important Polish group - Getin Holding (one of the biggest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), the stock market is a future area for the business in general, therefore this project fits to Idea Leasing employees very well.” said Liviu Serban, General Manager of Idea Leasing.

Serban Toader, Senior Partner at KPMG in Romania said: “I’m very pleased that we will be hosting the first seminar within the Fluent in Finance programme at our office. We consider it very important for staff at all levels to continuously deepen their knowledge of finance and business matters and always to be in touch with the latest developments. This helps them to provide top quality service to our clients. Romania’s economy is growing, and markets have a critical role in promoting development, so this initiative by the Bucharest Stock Exchange is particularly welcome.”

"We are proud of engendering the interest of such renowned companies, to participate in our initiative. We also think that this is a great deal of new competences and qualifications that the employer automatically offers to the employees, in the course of this formation. It builds a competitive advantage of a company." said Ludwik Sobolewski about the first companies that joined the project.

The project is available to any company from any field of work, located in Romania that wishes to contribute to the financial education of their employees. Even though the project envisages the companies to have at least 300 employees, any company is invited to send the request to organize the seminars.

In order to complement the seminars, BVB has also launched a new website dedicated to the project, www.fluentinfinante.bvb.ro where the management and company decision makers can learn about the project as well as fill in a contact form in order to get in touch with BVB in order to schedule the seminars at their premises.

Companies’ participation to the Fluent in Finance project is voluntary. There is no fee or fare imposed on companies that would like to benefit from this project. Neither Bucharest Stock Exchange nor any of the brokerage firms will have monetary gain from organizing these seminars. The purpose is solely educational.

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