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News from Members “Business Champions” study: 2016 marks the consolidation of Romanian capital, increasing competitiveness and productivity, and an increase of the number of employees in the economy

“Business Champions” study: 2016 marks the consolidation of Romanian capital, increasing competitiveness and productivity, and an increase of the number of employees in the economy

by Campioni in Business October 27, 2016

The partners of “Business Champions“ project - Enterprise Investors, Banca Comerciala Romana, PwC Romania and Triple Helix Association – led a study about the activity of the most important 2,900 Romanian companies owned by local entrepreneurs.

• Enterprise Investors: The upward trend of local business confirms that Romanian entrepreneurs understand that they are operating in highly competitive markets and they are becoming increasingly efficient.
• Banca Comercială Română: Romania should support and potentiate those genuine factors of prosperity, the successful entrepreneurs, using a responsible and coherent development of the fiscal legislative infrastructure, educational and transport infrastructure.
• PwC România: The healthy increase of productivity and profitability goes to the consolidation of the Romanian capital.
• Triple Helix Association: The brave and visionary entrepreneurs and the companies they lead to performance are the real models of the whole country.

The study analyzed the biggest 5,000 companies from Romania looking at the 2015 turnover (without the financial institutions) and selected the companies owned by local private investors. According to the study, in Romania there are approximately 2,900 entrepreneurial companies, divided in three geographical regions (Muntenia 18 counties, Transylvania 16 counties, Moldavia 8 counties).
• 243 billion lei is the total turnover of the 2900 analyzed companies, 11% bigger than the turnover in 2014.
• 10.6 billion lei is the gross profit in 2015, 26% bigger than the previous year.
• 503 thousand employees is the total number of employees in 2015, 5.5% bigger than in 2014.
The analyzed companies registered in 2015 an approximate aggregate turnover of 243 billion lei, 11% bigger than the turnover in 2014. Moreover, the companies registered a gross profit of 10.6 billion lei in 2015, with 26% bigger than in the previous year, increasing the profitability rate.
"The business environment from our country went through radical transformations in the past few years, and the fact that the Romanian business is on an upward trend confirms that Romanian entrepreneurs understand that they are activating on extremely competitive markets therefore they are becoming increasingly efficient. From year to year we noticed an increase of entrepreneurial businesses, and this shows the Romanian entrepreneur’s determination, and at the same time, his ambition to bring value through the activities he is performing", said Șerban Roman, Vice-President, Enterprise Investors.
The profit growth rate is bigger than the turnover and this means that the Romanian entrepreneurs are concerned about the streamline business processes of the companies they are leading. This fact has direct consequences for the gross profit rate increase, which reached 4.4% in 2015, from 3.9% in 2014. At the same time, the net profit rate increased from 3.1% in 2014, to 3.6% in 2015.
503 thousands employees is the total number of employees in 2015, higher by 5.5% than in 2014.
"According to the analyzed data, the 2900 companies had reported in 2015 a number of employees higher by 5.5% than the previous year. Therefore, the number of employees is about 503 thousands. Practically, 1 of 9 Romanian employees works in one of the 2900 companies, which highlights the extraordinary economic and social contribution of Romanian entrepreneurs. If we are looking at the evolution of the employees’ number reported at the dynamic of the turnover, it's easy to see that the entrepreneurs have restructured and streamlined their companies in the crisis time, and now they are recording a healthy increase of productivity and profitability, which leads to the consolidation of the Romanian capital", said Ionuț Simion, Country Managing Partner, PwC Romania.
The turnover per employee increased by 5.6% in 2015 to about 482 thousands lei, and the gross profit per employee grew 19%, reaching 21 thousands lei in 2015.
"The most dynamic entrepreneurs from Romania show us the right model to follow. I dare to retain only two attributes of this model for the entire society: the work ethic and the personal responsibility towards how things work. This model, replicated on a national scale, can be the recipe for success in Romania. In fact, it's necessary for Romania to support and to intensify those genuine factors of prosperity, the successful entrepreneurs, within the responsible and coherent development of fiscal legislative infrastructure, of the educational infrastructure, transportation infrastructure (goods, energy, data), and also of the health infrastructure. With this support, today’s Romania's Business Champions may become regional Business Champions tomorrow. This way the real potential of Romania can be materialized and the development and competitiveness gaps may be restored.", said Sergiu Manea, Executive President, Banca Comerciala Romana.
The activity fields in which the entrepreneurs had recorded the biggest values of turnover and gross profit in 2015 are: wholesale (918 companies have total earnings of 81 billion lei), retail trade (258 companies and 26 billion lei) and the constructions field (326 companies and 21 billion lei). According to the aggregate turnover value from 2015 the next industries are: food industry (191 companies, 17 billion lei), transportation and storage (202 companies, 15 billion lei), car retail (118 companies, 11 billion lei), agriculture (137 companies, 11 billion lei), IT and telecom (61 companies, 6 billion lei).
The turnover of the construction field has recorded an increasing pace of 30% in 2015, compared to 2014, the most important from the analyzed fields. Auto trade comes on the second place, with an increase of 19%, followed by retail (15%), IT and telecom (12%).
"There is big potential in the local business environment, which must be identified and supported by all means. With this project we want to find brave entrepreneurs and performing companies every year, in the whole country. It’s a pleasure for us to support the people that are creating new jobs and that bring real value to the economic field, especially to the society.", said Irina Anghel-Enescu, Founder and President, Triple Helix Association Romania.

About the project
In its 6th consecutive edition, „Business Champions” identifies, promotes and awards the most performing companies run by daring and visionary business people, from each region of the country.

The project will start with the first regional conference, on November 2 at Cluj Napoca, and it will be followed by the regional conference from Moldova, Iasi, on November 9.

“The Business Champions Gala”, where awards will be given to the most performing companies from Muntenia region and where the entrepreneur of the year will be nominated, will take place in Bucharest, on November 23rd.
For more details about the project, please access the website: http://www.campioniinbusiness.ro/ or the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/campioniinbusiness

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