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News from Members BDR warmly invites you to join the ARRP first Regional Summit on strategic communication and PR

BDR warmly invites you to join the ARRP first Regional Summit on strategic communication and PR

by BDR Associates November 21, 2023


BDR warmly invites you to join the ARRP first Regional Summit on strategic communication and PR, taking place online on Nov 23rd. Please find all necessary details in the below press release. See you there


ARRP organizes the first regional summit dedicated to

the future of the PR and strategic communication industry

Global personalities and professional associations from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine and Hungary will participate, along with Romanian professionals



Bucharest, November 2023 – The Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP) announces the organization of the first edition of the regional Summit on the theme „Freedom of Expression vs. Antidemocratic Discourse”, in a world context full of challenges. The event enjoys wide international participation and will take place online on Thursday 23 November.

The political, social and economic challenges, on the one hand, and the diversification of channels that redefine traditional communication, on the other hand, demand a new approach and a critical evaluation of the role of communicators. Global issues have become local concerns, and regional challenges are now perceived at the individual level, believes ARRP, which aims to make this event a recurring one in the years to come.

This first edition enjoys the confirmed participation of representative names of the internationally recognized communication industry such as Paul HOLMES, founder of PRovoke Media and the prestigious The Holmes Report, and Grzegorz SZCZEPAŃSKI, acting president of ICCO, the largest association of global communication agencies, which will bring global experience to the topic of the regional summit, alongside speakers such as Cătălin HOSU, president of ARRP, Sergii BIDENKO, president of UPRA Ukraine, Alina BÂRGĂOANU, member of the Advisory Council – European Digital Media Observatory and Cristian PÎRVULESCU, dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA.

Top representatives of the professional public relations and communication associations from the countries of the region have also confirmed their participation in the Summit, among them:

Maxim BEHAR (Bulgaria – board member of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies BAPRA, former president of ICCO, president of the World Communication Forum Association WCFA), Radek MARŠIK (Czech Republic – chairman of the Association of Public Relations in the Czech Republic APRA), Mario Aunedi MEDEK (Croatia – president of the Croatian Public Relations Association HUOJ), sau András SZTANISZLAV (Hungary – president of Magyar Public Relations Szövetség MPRSZ).

The event, moderated by Cătălin STRIBLEA will take place online and in English, starting at 15:00, and is structured around two panels (agenda attached):

  1. Fake News: Tool of Propaganda and Hate Speech
  2. Ethics in PR – a Shield Against Disinformation

Through this summit, ARRP aims to initiate a communication platform, of a think-tank type, allowing the national PR and communication associations in the region to formulate new directions of action in the field of PR, with a vision for the future, but also regarding the potential revisions of university curricula for new generations of professionals, as well as updating the ethical standards of the profession, thus keeping pace with the extremely fast way in which the field of strategic communication evolves.

For more information and to participate, please access the registration link available on the ARRP website:

About the Romanian Public Relations Association (Asociația Română de Relații Publice – ARRP):

Founded in 1995, the Romanian Association of Public Relations was created to make the family of communicators in Romania stronger. Today, it brings together both seasoned experts who laid the foundations of this profession in Romania and young professionals at the beginning of their careers. Since 2012, the Association has expanded its scope, welcoming not only individual communicators but also companies and communication departments from various institutions. This expansion is based on the belief that it will increase its strength and better serve the interests of communicators. Since 2017, ARRP has been a member of the ICCO.

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