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News from Members Access for All Renews AmCham Membership

Access for All Renews AmCham Membership

by Access for All August 6, 2014

Established in 2009, Access for All renews its AmCham membership and continues its work toward the benefit of vulnerable groups.  Through its two Authorized Sheltered Units, « Diversity and Access » and « Art & fair-trade commerce », two people with disabilities are currently employed by the Association. They create hand made products, out of paper, wax, terracotta, as well as paintings and custom objects.

A non-exhaustive list of all products available can be found on the www.ngoaccess.org website.
Services offered by the Association:

  •  Vocational training
  •  Social responsibility
  •  Vocational counselling and evaluation
  •  Mediation and placement on the labour market

You can contribute toward the development of the Association by:

  •  Deciding to donate 2% of your annual income tax to Access for All.
  •  Deciding to donate 20% of your profit tax as a company.
  •  Deciding to create workplaces for disabled persons, too, within your company.
  •  Deciding to volunteer for the Association.
  •  Deciding to support the Association and accessing our products on www.ngoaccess.org
  •  Considering Access for All in future European projects partnerships.
  •  Outsourcing your company services by collaborating with a person with

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