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The organization in Romania is among the most complex hubs in the region - hence the variety of positions available, whether we are talking about roles in the financial field, in sales, in human resources, in the technical field (development, consulting or support), covered by candidates with long experience, niche-skills, or at the beginning of the career path. 

Oracle is recognized on the Romanian market for its organizational culture, for development opportunities and for its friendly and inspirational work environment. Our employees form a community based on collaboration, common passions and interests and the cultivation of hobbies outside the professional sphere.

As in other markets, Oracle employees have access to a wide variety of training and development resources, including international experience and certifications. In addition to the technical training and soft skills programs that we constantly organize, Oracle employees can choose from an extremely complex portfolio of training courses, based on our own product portfolio.

In addition, we have a constant concern for academia: through Oracle Academy, the organization that facilitates students' access to Oracle technologies, to provide them with knowledge that will be useful in their future career. Through all the types of development activities we organize - both for employees and those intended for the training of students and young professionals - we are committed to a transfer of know-how to the Romanian labor market. We want to contribute to the creation of a sustainable development environment in the local economy, both in terms of technology and business.