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PPC in Romania

Public Power Corporation (PPC) is one of the largest integrated energy groups in Romania.

PPC companies in Romania place responsibility towards their communities, the environment, customers and employees at the heart of their concerns. We have made it a goal to promote energy efficiency at a time when the effects of increased consumption have become harmful to our planet. We believe that together we can build a safer and cleaner place for the future and we are investing in this through each of our initiatives.

Power Supply and Advanced Energy Solutions

With a client base of approx. 3 million residential, business and institutional customers, PPC Energie and PPC Energie Muntenia are the leading power supply companies in Romania.

Through their network of 81 modern shops, the companies address the needs of today’s energy-savvy consumer: efficiency and sustainability. Our portfolio comprises thus also products and value-added services that give customers comfort and security.

Power Distribution Activity

Rețele Electrice Banat, Rețele Electrice Dobrogea and Rețele Electrice Muntenia are the PPC companies operating in the power distribution field, having digitalization as top priority, in order to obtain resilient smart grids – operational as shortly as possible.

Our distribution companies distribute yearly approximately 15TWh of electricity through more than 134,000 km of network – high, medium and low voltage underground and overhead power lines.

Read more about our distribution activity here.

Power Generation Activity

We are leading the sustainable energy race in Romania. Through PPC Renewables, we produce wind and solar energy that reaches homes, institutions and businesses across the country.

At present, our company has reached a total installed capacity of approximately 600 MW of wind and photovoltaic power plants in Romania, of which approx. 100 MW in photovoltaic and 500 MW in wind, while project pipeline amounts to 5 GW.

Read more about our power generation activity here.

Electric Mobility

Through our PPC Blue company, we offer integrated e-mobility solutions to individuals, companies and public administration throughout Romania. We were among the pioneers of the “electric revolution” in the Romanian mobility market and have continued to fuel people’s dream for a cleaner and sustainable mean of transportation. With the aim of changing forever the way we move and making e-mobility affordable and accessible, our vision is bold: we want to become the catalyst for change so that today’s and tomorrow’s generations can secure a better quality of life.

Read more about our electric mobility activity here.