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Coca-Cola Romania

The Coca-Cola System combines The Coca-Cola Company, which owns and manages the trademark and sells concentrate to its bottling partner and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, which manufactures and sells the Company’s products under an exclusive contract. Therefore, in Romania, Coca-Cola beverages are produced and sold by the Company’s authorised local bottling partner, Coca-Cola HBC Romania SRL (CCHBC), based in Bucharest. CCHBC owns and operates three bottling plants: two plants for carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated soft beverages located in Ploiești and Timișoara, and one in Vatra Dornei for water.

Coca-Cola was first produced in Romania in 1991, and, since, it has continually introduced new beverage product and package innovations onto the Romanian market. In Romania, the Company’s range of trademarked beverage brands includes: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Cappy, Cappy 100%, Cappy Pulpy, Nestea, Dorna, Dorna Izvorul Alb and Poiana Negri.

The total direct investments amount to around 400 million euros. The Coca-Cola System contributes over 14.5 million Euros annually to the Romanian Treasury in taxes, duties and social security payments. The Coca-Cola System employs directly around 1,600 people every direct job creating around nine other jobs in upstream and downstream industries.
In Romania, as everywhere Coca-Cola does business we are committed to operating with a consistent set of values that represent the highest standards of integrity and excellence – values that are reflected in all of our relationships: in the workplace by encouraging all employees to develop and perform to their fullest potential, in the marketplace by being committed to the highest ethical standards, the highest quality for our products, superb customer service, and respect for the unique customs and cultures, in the environment by conducting our business in ways that protect, preserve and enhance the environment, in the community and society by contributing our time, expertise and resources to help develop sustainable communities and to improve the quality of life, because we recognise that the future of our business depends on strong, vibrant communities.