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Business Intelligence The impact of AI: Motivation shifts from "doing" to "being"

The impact of AI: Motivation shifts from "doing" to "being"

by Valoria Business Solutions August 3, 2023


Elena Badea, Managing Director, Valoria Business Solutions

What is one of the hot topics these days? Beyond the changes to the Fiscal Code, I would say it is the "love-hate" story we have with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Many welcome its appearance and make the most of its potential. Others see it as the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

In the business world, advances in artificial intelligence technology continue to reshape the way work is done, increasing productivity and even causing layoffs here and there in certain areas of activity.

Nevertheless, in a world where "doing" is being transferred gradually to machines, robots and systems based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), what source of motivation can people have in the end?

For many generations people identified with their profession when they said: I am a notary, I am a nurse, I am a teacher, I am a teacher, I am a carpenter, I am a computer engineer, etc. What they did, their job or occupation, became an element of identity representation and a source of self-esteem, social status, as well as motivation for others to follow the same path.

However, the traditional focus on "doing" and identification with "what I do" may now be evolving to "being," with an emphasis on our intrinsic qualities, abilities, and values.

So, what are the implications this change will bring for many of us?

1. Rethinking motivation

In a world where AI can perform repetitive tasks far more efficiently than humans, it is time to redefine motivation beyond external achievements. Shifting from extrinsic to intrinsic motivators allows us to use our creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills, qualities that AI cannot successfully replicate right now.

Too many people do not have the time and context to learn and explore who they are or who they want to be. Too many people do not know what their emotions, motivations, personality traits and aspirations are.

Instead of only chasing tangible results, individuals should explore their selves, inner resources, values and passions.

Learning about our inner world and the traits that define us as human, such as awareness, compassion, gratitude, provides a new kind of motivation: that of being a conscious, wise, whole, and creative human being.

By seeking fulfillment and growth through personal development, we can cultivate a deep sense of our mission in this life, an aspiration that certainly goes beyond the limits of task performance.

2. Cultivating human skills

As I said, AI excels at automating routine tasks, but it cannot replicate the unique qualities we have as humans. As machines take care of mundane responsibilities, we have the opportunity to focus on developing and honing our human skills.

Emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, creativity, adaptability and ethical decision making are all traits that can be explored, better understood and developed.

Cultivating these qualities enables people to excel in fields that require vision, ingenuity, compassion and connection, giving companies a competitive advantage in a world where we rely on the help of artificial intelligence.

It is important to take the time to know and understand human nature and human potential. Doing so should not be a luxury, but a given. Taking the time to care for the well-being of your body, mind and soul is now becoming possible for a growing number of people.

3. Cultivating personal development

The shift from "doing" to "being" encourages people to invest in continuous personal growth. This involves exploring new areas of interest, expanding knowledge and developing diverse skill sets.

By adopting a growth mindset and embracing lifelong learning, we can adapt to ever-changing demands and use artificial intelligence as a tool that amplifies our abilities.

Personal development and improvement of interpersonal skills becomes the driving force behind motivation, allowing us to stay ahead of AI advances and find fulfillment in the process of our own becoming.

Pursuing passions at any age is now something that many people now desire. Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand and allow them to explore their true potential at any stage of life.

4. Capitalizing on the potential of collaboration

While AI can streamline processes, human collaboration remains an irreplaceable asset. The new context encourages teamwork, empathy and cooperation.

By focusing on building strong relationships, fostering trust and harnessing collective intelligence, we can create synergy and innovation that artificial intelligence cannot yet replicate.

Collaboration thus becomes a source of motivation, allowing us to collectively tackle complex challenges and create meaningful impact.

In conclusion

With artificial intelligence poised to take over routine tasks, this shift from “doing” to “being” becomes imperative to foster personal growth, fulfillment and adaptability in the face of technological developments. By embracing this change, we can move confidently towards a future based on artificial intelligence, but one that highlights our true potential.

This change brings us the best context to harness our unique, human traits, so that as we adapt to changing demands we find fulfillment beyond the accomplishment of tasks. By knowing our intrinsic qualities, investing in personal growth, and embracing collaboration, we can leverage our unique qualities without suffering from being defined by "doing."

We all have unlimited potential to "be" and we now have the opportunity to build a future where artificial intelligence and human ingenuity coexist, creating a harmonious balance that fosters innovation, creativity and personal fulfillment.

* * *

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