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Testimonials AmCham is the Premiere Business Association in Romania

AmCham is the Premiere Business Association in Romania

by Mark H. Gitenstein US Ambassador to Romania, 2009- 2012 March 28, 2013

AmCham is the premiere business association in Romania for US based companies. One of my primary responsibilities as US Ambassador was to insure that US companies were treated fairly by local authorities and that the business environment in Romania was a level playing field and transparent. AmCham and its excellent leadership and staff were critical allies in that effort. I spent over a third of my time in this endeavor which soon grew into a larger effort to insure that the rule of law applied to all aspects of Romania and her government. In the summer of 2012 this became a fully-fledged constitutional crisis. Responsible leaders in the government responded to the concerns raised by me, other diplomats, representatives of the EU and the business community including AmCham. In that sense AmCham has been one of the important change agents in Romania, assisting it to continue to strengthen its democracy and deepen it markets. This will not only advantage US companies and encourage more foreign direct investment in Romania. It will benefit every Romanian and help her to perform better its role as a member of NATO.