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News from Members Ymens' Premiere Launch of Cloudsourcing Services in Romania

Ymens' Premiere Launch of Cloudsourcing Services in Romania

by Ymens Teamnet March 25, 2014

Website www.ymens.ro

Ymens, the only company in Romania that offers a dedicated cloud platform for business solutions, launches cloudsourcing services on the local market.

Through cloudsourcing, the companies have the possibility to opt for an integrated cloud solution for applications and services to meet the particularities of each business. The cloud type business solutions are combined within the cloudsourcing strategy with a wide range of services: consulting, support, administration and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, IT outsourcing, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), AMS (Application Management Services) or IT security services. On the model imposed by the cloud technology, the client will benefit from solutions and services based on a monthly fee related to its users.

Bogdan Padiu, CEO Teamnet Group: “Innovation was always a priority for us, as is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we bring cloudsourcing to Romania for the first time, through an innovative business model. Ymens chose to become a cloud broker, practically a hub of cloud services, a "one stop-shop" for its clients. This way, we can offer a unified experience to our cloud users and, moreover, an integrated solution that is customized for their needs, from applications to services. We wish to simplify the interaction of the users with the cloud, offering them the possibility to outsource any IT requirement to the Ymens team.”

To deliver the cloudsourcing offer to the market, Ymens thus becomes the first cloud broker in Romania. The company adopts a business model unique in Romania, by which it responds in a full and integrated manner to the requirements of its clients. They benefit of the same standards in terms of SLA, security or support, regardless of the solutions and services selected from the Ymens offer, integration and consumption based on a monthly subscription.

At the basis of this transformation is the spectacular evolution of the cloud industry. According to IDC, the worldwide estimated growth rate for the cloud market will exceed by 5 times that of the IT market in general, by 2017. Concurrently, the SaaS segment will constitute almost 60% of the revenues pertaining to cloud for the same year.

Bogdan Balaci, CEO Ymens: “Cloud is the future, as demonstrated by market research. Moreover, we believe the future of cloud is marked byservices. On the local market, although the degree of adoption of cloud in SMEs was under 10% last year, things are different when we speak of the big companies, where we estimate 60% of them already use this technology, in some form or another. The cloudsourcing strategy that we bring to the market this year will support the the large, medium or small organizations in adoption cloud in the daily activity. We are confident in this approach as we bring and integrate with the existing cloud solutions in the platform those services that were requested by our customers last year.”

As a cloud broker, Ymens aims to facilitate the consumption of this technology, aggregating more solutions and services on the market within a single cloud platform. Moreover, Ymens integrates the solutions and services offered within a unified offer, that are then customized, to address at optimal levels the business requirements of its clients.

The companies will be able to easily choose the solutions and services they need, through a single platform. The cloud applications providers or related services will be able to focus on developing increasingly high quality products, that they would offer through Ymens, as a cloud broker. According to Gartner estimates, worldwide, the cloud consumers in the business environment will increasingly call on the services of a cloud broker: up to least 20% in 2015.

The Ymens strategy for 2014 is based on the increasingly complex requirements of the Romanian organizations, in search of integrated packages of solutions and services and customized for specific needs. Cloudsourcing includes, along with the hardware and software infrastructure in cloud, services for support, maintenance, call-center, debt collection, outsourcing or IT security services.

The transformation in a cloud broker and the provision of cloudsourcing solutions represents a natural evolution for Ymens, due to the integration of market validated solution in the business platform developed in-house. Moreover, the company already has the necessary resources for providing cloudsourcing solutions, both in terms of expertise in the field, as well as certified specialists to meet the technical and business requirements of the customers. A joint team consisting of 60 employees from the Teamnet group that Ymens is a part of will serve the requests for various services that would complement the cloud solutions used by the customers. Ymens will invest this year also approximately one million euro in the development of the technology platform and cloudsourcing solutions

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