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News from Members Ymens - UNIOR-TEPID, the best cloud project in the private environment

Ymens - UNIOR-TEPID, the best cloud project in the private environment

by Ymens Teamnet September 6, 2013

Website www.ymens.ro

Ymens Company, the local supplier which offers a complete range of cloud services for business management was awarded by EuroCloud Romania for the best cloud project in the private sector – implementing business solutions within the UNIOR-TEPID company.

Ymens services, used by UNIOR-TEPID, leader on the industrial tools and hand tools market, have generated visible results on operational levels from the first three months. More precisely, the number of the company clients has increased with 7% in this interval and the number of business opportunities has recorded a 35% advance.

UNIOR-TEPID has chosen three services from the Ymens portfolio – Comerciant, the CRM solution, Intranet, the internal portal solution and Mesager, the SMS marketing solutions. From the implementation of Comerciant, UNIOR-TEPID has attracted 25% more new client compared to the period prior to using the solution. In addition, the response time to the orders requests was reduced with 5%, both due to the rapid access to the necessary documents through the Intranet and as a result of storing a history of client’s relationships within Comerciant.

Bogdan Balaci, Ymens CEO:
„UNIOR-TEPID is of the example companies which have recorded an advance of their main business indicators as a result of using Ymens cloud solutions. The EuroCloud honors us and demonstrates the quality and efficiency of our services. It is still a confirmation of the direction Ymens takes towards the client and its needs for business development. Thus, Ymens support a competitive economy, offering Romanian companies various complex solutions, accessible and easy to use, meant to increase efficiency and productivity.”

According to UNIOR-TEPID representatives, by adopting the solutions of the Ymens platform for the 20 users of the company, productivity has significantly grown. Also, it represented a competitive advantage, together with a total transparency of the monthly costs and the support of a team of specialists.

Dan Dãbuleanu, UNIOR-TEPID administrator:
“Cloud computing brings a special advantage because we can select between the solutions we need from the Ymens platform exactly for the number of users we like, with a total transparency of the monthly costs and we benefit from the support and services of a team of professionals. In addition, we can easily access the solutions at any moment and from anywhere.”
The EuroCloud award for the best project in the private sector, confirms, once again, the dedication of Ymens towards Romanian companies and the efficiency of the solutions it offers to its clients. The project awarded by EuroCloud Romania has evidenced the qualities of the Ymens cloud solutions: increasing the productivity of the sales force, significant growth of the opportunities and order requests and an overall increased efficiency. Simultaneously, EuroCloud has awarded Ymens for the best cloud offer, Software as a Service, dedicated to Romanian companies, regardless of their dimension or activity field.

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