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News from Members What Is a Mother’s Dream for 2023? You Can Make it Happen

What Is a Mother’s Dream for 2023? You Can Make it Happen

by Asciatia Daruieste Viata February 10, 2023

What is your dream at the beginning of the year? A step forward in your career? Going on vacation to a new destination? For the mother of a baby girl with cancer, the dream is to see her healthy.

Sofia has been fighting for her life since before she was born

All the love in the world rests in the arms of the mothers who watch over their children in the halls of Marie Curie Hospital. Mădălina is one of them. A mother who has heard the word "cancer" next to her baby girl's name. Sofia is the youngest patient of the Neurosurgery Department, who went through surgery only 19 days after birth.

How can they do this for a 3kg baby who only has 250ml of blood? The medical team opened and closed her spine and now she is undergoing treatment. Mădălina wants Sofia to be healthy and have a normal life, and to be able to see her go to school: "If it turns out to be one of her dreams, I would like her to become a doctor."

Our dream at Dăruiește Viață is to change the healthcare system. You can make it happen

Dăruiește Viață fights for children to be treated in the best conditions, for parents to find the support and comfort for such an experience, for doctors and nurses to have the necessary resources to do their duty.

The truth is that you cannot control the disease: when it appears and how it changes or destroys your dreams. But you can control what happens to 3.5% of your income tax: choose to change conditions in hospitals. You can make a gesture that matters enormously, with no costs.

In 2022, we received 10,300 forms on our website and raised a total of 818,000 euro. That would mean the complete renovation of an oncology ward. This year, we want to reach 20,000 forms, for a greater impact in the healthcare system.

Fill in the form here. Everything is done online, in 3 minutes. Encourage another colleague or friend to do the same. Make it happen.

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