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News from Members Support Computer Science and ICT Teachers Who Teach the Future

Support Computer Science and ICT Teachers Who Teach the Future

by TechSoup Romania February 20, 2024


We are entering the era of AI, where AI literacy and competence - understanding how AI works and how to use it to serve human purposes - are becoming as important as reading, writing and basic mathematics. 

Computer science and ICT teachers are at the forefront of this revolution in education and need help preparing. Help us bring AI literacy to more CS and ICT teachers. Donate 3.5% for our work with teachers!

In 2023, we were there for them with First Steps in AI for Curious Teachers: the first free introductory asynchronous, self-paced course in AI for any teacher in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. More than 600 CS and ICT teachers have used the course so far and report feeling more confident and prepared to discuss and incorporate AI into their classes.

Then, we became the first European partner of Experience AI - an 8-lesson teaching method that builds AI competencies with middle school and high school students, created by pedagogic specialists of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, one of the largest computing education foundations in the world, with the support of AI experts in Google's DeepMind. In 2024, we aim to implement this method with at least 1,500 Computer Science and ICT teachers.

27% of Romania's CS and ICT teachers are now enrolled in at least one course we created in Predau Viitor. They take better pedagogy, new coding programs and current IT industry trends to 290,000 students in over 1,100 schools. 

34% of computer science teachers enrolled in 2023 are from rural schools.

Click on our profile, and submit your information to become a key 3.5% donor:



Learn more about our work and who we are from our 2023 Annual Report:

Since 2016, Asociația Techsoup has empowered Computer Science and primary school teachers to prepare all their students for the future.

Our work is reaching an ever-expanding community of over 20,000 teachers, with an estimated 923,600 K-12 students engaged in STEAM activities.

70% of the teachers in our community teach in small and medium cities and rural communities.

Asociația Techsoup is the only organization in Romania awarded the Digital Skills in Education Award from the EU Commission's European Digital Skills Awards in 2017.

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