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by BDR Associates June 17, 2013

Website www.bdr.ro

 Superbrands Romania launches the 6th edition of the Superbrands Program. The new Consumer Superbrands evaluates products and services brands’ performance, that speak directly to the consumer segment, both from the professionals’ and consumers’ perspective. The eligibility criteria applicable in the brands’ selection that have entered in the race for the Superbrand status are: reputation, trust, quality and market differentiation, criteria used in all programs in the world.

The Honorary Superbrands Council for Romania has been established, composed of 24 leading business professionals specialized in management, marketing, communication, branding and mass media, who were invited to join the program and evaluate over 1500 brands that will enter the research phase, based on Superbrands criterias.

The new partner chosen by Superbrands Romania for the market research is Ipsos, the local subsidiary of Ipsos Group, the 3rd biggest independent global company specialized in market research studies, which recently won the pitch organized by Superbrands Romania. Ipsos will conduct for Superbrands Romania the market research, based on which the performant brands according to Superbrands criterias will be designated eligible for the Superbrands status in Romania. The first results of the program evolution will be announced in July 2013, while the final results of the Superbrands research will be available in September 2013.

At present, the Superbrands programs are developed in over 86 countries. Among the countries involved in the program at the same time as Superbrands Romania and which will publish new editions of the Superbrands book are: Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, The Czech Republic, Korea, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Guatemala, Japan, Jordan, UK, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, USA.

The most recent tribute events organized by the Superbrands international organization in order to honor performant brands and offer Superbrands trophies took place in Belgrad (april 2013) and Istanbul (may 2013).

The Superbrands organisation operates in over 100 countries in the world, stimulating for over 20 years the development of local markets through specialized branding programs and by publishing the Superbrands volumes that honors brands’ reputation, as well as the communication industry of each country.

About Superbrands Romania

Superbrands commissions independent research to identify the strongest brands on the Romanian market. Superbrands Romania is now preparing the 6th edition of the programme soon to be launched.

Entering the local market in 2005 through BDR Associates, the strategic communication and public relations agency, the organisation develops programs dedicated to the Romanian market and to local branding culture. The programs developed by now, which include three Consumer Superbrands editions (2006, 2010, 2012) and two Business Superbrands editions (2007 and 2008) offered over 250 models of success in branding and communication. The Superbrands programs developed in Romania gathered almost 120 professionals in management, marketing, communication, branding and other fields.

More information about the Superbrands Romania program are available on http://www.superbrands.com/ro.

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