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News from Members Superbrands has completed the assessment and the market research stage of the 2013 SUPERBRANDS Programme in Romania

Superbrands has completed the assessment and the market research stage of the 2013 SUPERBRANDS Programme in Romania

by BDR Associates September 17, 2013

Website www.bdr.ro

  • US company Procter & Gamble is represented by three brands in the Superbrand leaders’ group this year: Pampers, Ariel and Gilette.
  • The 15 leader brands group in Superbrands Romania 2013, is dominated by media brands and German brands
  • Romanian brands represent 25% of the total eligible brands for the Superbrand status in 2013

Superbrands Romania completed the assessment and market research phase, as the first stage of the 2013 Superbrands programme edition, currently in progress. Approximately 300 brands from 52 product and service categories were qualified to compete for Romania’s Superbrand status, within the sixth edition of the Superbrands programme.

The 15 leading brands at the 2013 Superbrands competition are: Pampers, Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Oetker, BMW, Ariel, National Geographic Channel, Samsung, Gillette, Bosch, Audi, Antena 1, Pro TV, Facebook, Discovery Channel, Nivea.

The group of the 15 brands considered this year by Romanian as Superbrands is dominated by German brands with an excellent reputation, aspirational brands for the Romanian consumers, models of consistency, high quality and trust transmitted to the consumers, Mercedes – Benz, BMW and Dr. Oetker, remaining in the brand leaders’ group, as in the previous editions. Procter & Gamble is the company which is represented by three brands in the Superbrand leaders’ group this year: Pampers, Ariel and Gilette.
Local brands are still in Romanian consumers’ preferences, as approximately 25% of the validated Superbrands are Romanian brands. The Romanian brands appreciated as Superbrands are: Antena 1, PRO TV, BCR, Banca Transilvania, Catena, Borsec, Napolact, Timisoreana, Plafar, Ursus, Scandia Sibiu, eMag, Dedeman, Bunica, Radio Zu.

The list of the eligible brands for the Superbrands status resulted by following an international Superbrands methodology which includes two major stages. During the first stage, the Superbrands Council, formed by 25 experts in management, marketing, communication and branding, provided the qualitative selection of the brand’s list, evaluating 1.395 brands in 52 categories.
The criteria taken into consideration in the selection process were reliability, quality and distinction on the market, all these being applied in the Superbrands programmes developed all over the world.

Following the selection, 578 qualified brands were included in the market research, conducted by Superbrands Romania in collaboration with IPSOS, on a representative sample of 1.500 Romanian consumers from the urban area.
The final results of the research reflect the Romanian consumers’ choices for the 300 brands eligible for the Superbrand status on the Romanian market. The economic categories best represented on the list of Romanian validated Superbrands are: media, auto industry, financial services, technologies, telecommunications, electronics and electrical household appliances, personal care, pharmacies and drinks. The oil and gas industry and the major shopping centers are economic categories that are not included on the Superbrands list.

This year’s edition also offers a cultural interpretation of the results, in addition to validating the brands eligible for Superbrand status. The main aspects that influence Romanians’ perception on brand performance are: trust, leadership, dynamism, of which the last two are specific. Leadership is the main differentiating feature of the brands, Romanians representing a culture in a permanent search of new successful and inspirational models, and dynamism represents the novelty item at a cultural level – Romanians appreciate brands that have the courage to innovate and progress.

The complete list of the eligible brands for the Superbrand status in Romania in 2013 will be published in the Superbrands Book for Romania, the 6th edition.
Superbrands is currently operating programmes for 2013 in over 80 world markets: Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Korea, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Guatemala, Israel, Jordan, Japan, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, USA.

The Superbrands International Organization operates in over 150 countries around the world, stimulating for over 20 years the development of local markets through specialized branding programs and by publishing the Superbrands volumes that honor brands’ reputation and performance on the market, gaining consumers` respect and trust. Superbrands is present in Romania since 2005, when it was launched in an absolute premiere, as a pioneer programme in evaluating brands` performance.

About Superbrands Romania

Entering in Romania in 2005, through the strategic communication and public relations agency BDR Associates, the organization has developed programmes devoted to the Romanian market and the local branding culture. The programmes carried out so far, including three Consumer Superbrands editions (2006, 2010, 2012) and two Business Superbrands editions (2007 and 2008), have offered more than 200 models in branding and communication success. The Superbrands Romania Programmes have brought together nearly 120 experts and professionals in management, marketing, communication, branding and other areas.
More information about Superbrands Programme in Romania can be found at: http://www.superbrands.com/ro.

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