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News from Members Serata Belle Epoque - Galeriile Noblesse

Serata Belle Epoque - Galeriile Noblesse

by Galeriile Noblesse October 17, 2014

On the 21st of October, starting with 19:30 o'clock there will be the Serata Belle Epoque. It is a soiree specially dedicated to valse, polka and classical music that will be ended with an exclusivist dinner. We promise you a different evening, a true escape from the ordinary, an incursion in a universe of elegant manners, of label and not last of the delicacy of past centuries. On the 21st of October, the halls of Noblesse Palace will sound with the voice of canto soprano Irina Iordachescu, the one that will perform some pieces of well known operas which presents the universe of the late XIXth century, in an extraordinary concert, and guests will be able to valse in the company of ballet members from All's Ballet and on the music of Quartetto Emozioni quartet.

The evening will start at 19.30 and will last for 3 hours, and the price of a ticket is of 500 lei.


On the 28th of October at 19:30 o'clock you will meet the canto sopranos Daniela Vladescu and Bianca Ionescu at a private concert, a special one, that contains a special opera and operetta performance that will fascinate and will enchant the hearts of lovers of this music genre.  And due to the fact that Noblesse Palace is a place for a special event, this concert will be a true experience, guests being able to take part in a special cocktail with the two canto sopranos.

The concert will start at 19.30 o'clock and will contain a half an hour pause and a cocktail. The price of a ticket is of 550 lei.

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