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News from Members Romanian school kids are internet savvy

Romanian school kids are internet savvy

by SIVECO Romania August 1, 2016

Website www.siveco.ro

Nearly 12 million visits and 187 million pageviews on http://portal.edu.ro in July for the National Exams results

The web was the main source for checking exams results. The national educational portal has advanced this month to the second place in the overall ranking of websites in Romania, compared to the 45th position in June.

July had a major importance for Romanian education this year. On July 1st, the results of the National Assessment were posted online. According to traffic statistics, in the first 48 hours, the portal http://evaluare.edu.ro/ registered 30.2 million pageviews. The results were processed by the schools’ operators, then, for the second consecutive year, were uploaded in Cloud and made available to the public by SIVECO Romania.

On July 12th, all high school graduates in Romania were able to check their Baccalaureate results, on http://bacalaureat.edu.ro/. According to trafic.ro, in just one day the portal registered an impressive 2.678.865 visits. The data processing and displaying for the Baccalaureate exam are operated by SIVECO Romania since 2001.

According to data traffic for the 12th of July, the portal has recorded a total of 44.052.396 impressions. In terms of geographical distribution, most visits came from Bucharest (32%) and Timis, Cluj and Iasi counties, with a rate of about 4% each. The counties with the fewest hits to verify the results were Salaj and Caras-Severin.

On July 19, when the results for the distribution in high-schools was publicly announced, the traffic on the educational portal was heavy again. Thus, http://admitere.edu.ro/ recorded 1.584.218 visits and 31.182.540 impressions. Most of the visits came from Bucharest (32.7%), then from Constanta, Cluj and Prahova counties, with approximately 4% each. The fewer people who accessed the online distribution results came from Satu Mare and Salaj counties.

“The 12 million visits registered in July on the educational portal confirms the usefulness and necessity of computerized processing of data for the National Exams. It’s clear that most youngsters browse the web daily. In fact, the traffic statistics from the portal reveal that more than half of the visits to check Baccalaureate marks were done from a smart-phone.
Managing such a project is very demanding, as it involves processing big data and the perfect coordination of all stakeholders. However, this is the 15th year in which our work simplifies the processes and make transparent the National Exams, thus confirming that we do our job right.

Actually, I’m convinced that both students and parents are happy they can check the results online almost instantly. Moreover, the results can be accessed by their relatives from abroad in realtime”, said Florin Anton, eLearning Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.

http://evaluare.edu.ro/, http://bacalaureat.edu.ro/ and http://admitere.edu.ro/ are components of the SEI Educational Portal, http://portal.edu.ro. With nearly 12 million visits and over 187 million pageviews, the portal currently holds 2nd place in the overall ranking of websites in Romania and No. 1 of websites written in Romanian at the Education/Teaching category, according trafic.ro.

About SIVECO Romania
SIVECO Romania develops and exports software products and consultancy projects with high added value to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.

SIVECO Romania is the only Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to the European Commision organizations.

The company is specialized in developing large and complex IT projects for education, health, agriculture, customs organizations, European institutions, private companies and public sector.

During over 24 years of activity, SIVECO Romania received more than 200 national and international recognitions and prizes.

More information about the company and its products is available at www.siveco.ro and www.linkedin.com/company/siveco-romania.

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