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News from Members ROCA Industry signs for an integral takeover of Dial, an important Romanian manufacturer of wire panels

ROCA Industry signs for an integral takeover of Dial, an important Romanian manufacturer of wire panels

by Impetum Group May 2, 2022
  • The transaction is now following the authorization procedures by the Competition Council.

ROCA Industry, ROCA Investments holding from the building materials sector, signed the contract for an integral (100%) takeover of Dial, a company having over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing wire products, such as fence panels. By this transaction, which is now being assessed for authorization by the Competition Council, the succession of the Romanian manufacturer which ended 2021 with a turnout of around 12M Euros is assured.

"ROCA family shall have a new member, a company which has proved its business potential and values comply with our vision. Now, together, by the power of partnership and the synergies we reach as a holding we think we can lead Dial towards a new stage of development.  We rely on the strategies provided by our management team, but also on the know-how of Dial founder, who will remain with us in the process of implementing an ambitious investment plan.   By approaching the issue of lacking a successor, a common problem for local companies, we provide continuity solutions for the business. Although we face a challenging context, we believe that it is a good moment for the development and scaling of strong local brands in the field of building materials.  We thank those who believe in our business, and together with them we aim to re-industrialize Romania”, stated Liviu Stoleru, CEO ROCA Industry.

Dial is present at national level through DYI chains (do-it-yourself, home-improvement supplies), building materials distributors and retailers. Around 10% of the turnout is generated by exports, but we estimate an increased presence on external markets.

The entrepreneurship culture is, in our opinion, in a continuous development in Romania, and here the people from ROCA have the fundamental task of investing resources and especially knowledge in Romanian businesses. The fact that Dial will continue to exist and, maybe, become even more powerful under the umbrella of this holding is, at the same time, an acknowledgement of our evolution so far.  There are many companies which have the potential to become driving forces in different economic sectors, but they must only be discovered and the opportunities they may provide must be met with confidence ”, states Vasile Roșu, who owns 100% of Dial, a company he founded in 1994 in Hârșova.

Specialized in different types of wire mesh fence, Rabitz mesh, rectangular poles and more, the company has investment plans whose total value is of approximately 40M RON. They include the completion of a new production space in Q2 of 2022, an increased production capacity, but also the development of a new business line. 

By this transaction, signed on April 28, ROCA Industry continues to strengthen its presence in the building materials industry and to invest in Romanian companies, in a regional context in which the effects of the war in Ukraine lay pressure on the economy.

ROCA Industry (HOLDINGROCK1) is listed on the AeRO market of Bucharest Stock Market, starting with this year.  Traded under the stock market symbol ROC1, it is also included in the BETAeRO index, which includes the most relevant companies on this market.

In six months since it was set up, ROCA Industry has grouped in its holding companies such as BICO Industries (70%), Sarcom (100%) and Terra (100%), is about to finalize the transaction for taking over the majority stock package (70%) al Eco Euro Doors, and now has signed for the integral takeover of Dial.

About Dial

Dial is an entrepreneurship company, with over 20 years of activity in manufacturing cable panels, and a wide range of products used in making fences, as well as site and property  enclosures.  The company owns 5 production units, and has a yearly production capacity of 15,000 tons. It is present in the DIY chains, but also in the traditional trade, and also exports its products, mainly in Western Europe. 

About ROCA Industry

ROCA Industry is a strategic pillar of development of Roca Investments, launched in December 2021. ROCA Industry is a standalone company, a holding for building materials which groups companies from this field, whose business model is based on consolidation, not exits, and whose aim is to be listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market under the symbol ROC1.

ROCA Investments is creating this first holding by bringing BICO Industries, the largest domestic manufacturer of fiberglass mesh and fiberglass reinforcements and one of the most important European manufacturers, Terra Impex from the same field, and Sarcom, one of the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Romania.

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