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News from Members ROCA Industry reports combined revenues of almost Lei 400 mn in 2022 and aims to list on the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange this year

ROCA Industry reports combined revenues of almost Lei 400 mn in 2022 and aims to list on the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange this year

by Impetum Group March 7, 2023
  • The Holding companies thus register an increase of 24% compared to the previous year.
  • ROCA Industry targets a cumulative turnover of EUR 150 million this year and pan-European operational and geographical expansion, while it already holds a top 3 company in Europe within its portfolio.
  • The results show Romania's ability to develop regional champions. We aim to put this giant that has been dormant for a long time - the country's industry - on the map of Europe, ROCA Industry representatives say.

ROCA Industry, the first Romanian holding of construction materials companies, reports combined revenues of lei 388.1 million (almost EUR 80 million) at group level, according to the preliminary annual report for 2022. The combined revenues of the companies within ROCA Industry thus register a 24% increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

Resilient in the atypical market context, marked by the increase in raw material costs throughout the year, the companies in the ROCA Industry portfolio had the ability to incorporate most of the costs into the price of the sold products, thus the EBITDA stood at 11% in 2022. According to the preliminary report for 2022, the companies in the group achieved a combined EBITDA of lei 42.7 million, respectively a combined profit of lei 21.6 million.

"The 2022 results reconfirm Romania's ability to develop regional industrial champions, under a high-performance holding management, which aims to put this giant that has been dormant for a long time - the country's industry - on the European map. We are thus advancing to the next stage of development for ROCA Industry: the listing on the BSE main market in 2023, together with a share capital increase. Our target is to manage a group of companies with at least 10 high-performing factories, with a significant presence on the European markets and to reach a cumulative turnover of almost EUR 150 million at the end of 2023," said Ionuț Bindea, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of ROCA Industry.

Last year, all the companies in ROCA Industry achieved significant performances, registering increases between 14% and 40% in their turnovers. "Our vision is to replicate at the level of the entire group portfolio the regional champion BICO model: this is already the largest producer in Central and Eastern Europe and it is approaching top 3 at European level," the group's representative highlights.

In a period marked by the highest inflation growth rate in Europe in the last 40 years and with a first conflict at Romania's borders in the last 80 years, the holding`s 2022 performances registered on grounds of intense agility and resilience increase processes implemented at each company level, the holding`s high specialization, which allows improving operational performance, and also as a result of operations expansion through new mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

ROCA Industry, listed since January 2021 on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the symbol ROC1, owns, directly and indirectly, a number of 6 high performing companies in their specific

sectors of activity: BICO Industries (the first and largest national producer of mesh fiberglass and the only domestic manufacturer of fiberglass fittings), Sarcom (one of the largest players in the paint and varnish industry), Eco Euro Doors (the largest Romanian manufacturer of doors for residential construction), Dial (producer of metal wire products), as well as fiberglass producers Terra and Europlas, owned through BICO Industries.

ROCA Investments, a brand founded by Impetum Group, is the majority shareholder of ROCA Industry. A private equity firm which acts as majority shareholder, ROCA Investments holds a proven expertise in taking over mid-sized entrepreneurial companies and transforming them into high performers in the strategic sectors in which they operate.

National and European Commission forecasts show that the construction sector will have a resilient behavior in 2023, followed by a longer-term growth curve in the next 3-5 years. The context is favorable, characterized by a real need for residential construction. The housing percentage, as compared to the population needs, is below the average of Western European states, the need for energy efficiency works, as well as for large infrastructure projects is high and also the period is characterized by other specific needs arising on the regional markets, in the recent geo-political developments context (such as the imminent reconstruction of Ukraine).


  • The press release is based on the preliminary results for 2022, communicated to investors at the end of 28.02.2023 in the ROCA Industry preliminary annual report. These are not the final performances, the final financial results will be communicated at the end of the 2022 financial year.
  • ROCA Industry portfolio (details of holding structure and owned companies): Companies | ROCA Industry
  • The information refer to the combined results of the companies (which, in the specific terminology, are different from the consolidated results, which represent another reporting parameter). The combined results are the results obtained by adding together the individual results of the companies, regardless of the date of acquisition or percentage of ownership and without the impact of goodwill amortization. They are relevant because they exclusively show the operating performance of companies, independent of transactional aspects or transitory accounting adjustments. Since the combined results are the mirror of the operating activity of the companies, they are the ones that the management of the holding mainly tracks.

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