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News from Members Redirect 20% for computer science and ICT teachers who Teach the Future

Redirect 20% for computer science and ICT teachers who Teach the Future

by TechSoup Romania November 21, 2023


What do Romanian computer science and ICT teachers know or understand about AI and future technology trends? How are we ensuring all our teachers are prepared for the digital transformation of society? How pedagogically ready are our teachers so they can genuinely connect with and motivate the current generations of students?

We are scaling up solutions to all these questions, validated by teachers and students. 

In 2023, we launched the first introductory AI course for any teacher (First steps in AI for curious teachers) with thousands of enrolled teachers, and we developed courses that enhance the pedagogical training of teachers (The power of dialogue and other teaching superpowers). 

We are also bringing in Romania the first teaching method that introduces AI to middle school teachers (Experience AI by Raspberry PI Foundation, supported by Google Deep Mind)

Next year, we want to scale up these courses and activities to at least 30% of all computer science and ICT teachers in Romania. 

Help us achieve this goal and become a sponsor of Teach the Future / Predau Viitor program.

Our recent track record in working with computer science and ICT teachers:

  • 16% of all middle school CS and ICT teachers in Romania have graduated from our Introduction to Scratch program, which prepares them to use visual coding to create a play-based foundation in computational thinking for children aged 11 to 14.
  • 21% of all middle-school CS and ICT teachers in Romania have graduated from a Predau Viitor course or program, learning Scratch, Python, how to create product development experiences for students, how to encourage their students towards IT-related careers or how to adopt international practices from teachers in Europe.

Contact us to become an institutional donor for our education work:


Learn more about our work and who we are:

Since 2016, Asociatia Techsoup has trained computer science and primary school teachers to prepare all their students for the future. 

Our work is reaching an ever-expanding community of over 20,000 teachers, with an estimated number of 923,600 K-12 students who have benefited from our work with their teachers. 70% of our teachers teach in small and medium cities and rural communities.

We create courses and social learning experiences to connect teachers with the latest science of learning practices and with the most effective methods and practices to teach computer science and digital skills. All our courses are free of charge and are being deployed through the first online learning platform in Romania that uses the Open edX technology.  

Asociatia Techsoup is the only organisation in Romania to have received the Digital Skills in Education Award of the EU Commission's European Digital Skills Awards in 2017.

Our emergency support platform for teachers, built shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic together with 3 other organisations and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has equipped tens of thousands of teachers with resources and teaching methods for emergency remote teaching. It was awarded the 1st Prize in the Education category at the Romanian Civil Society Gala in 2021.

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