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News from Members Red Angus Steakhouse Invites You to Play on a Real, American, Stage!

Red Angus Steakhouse Invites You to Play on a Real, American, Stage!

by Red Angus Steakhouse July 21, 2014

Website www.redangus.ro

Starting July ’14, Red Angus Steakhouse, the premium restaurant with the juiciest, most tender steaks in town, comes with a new proposal for its audience: if your passion is music, you have a cover, blues, jazz or soft rock band, that you play with, occasionally, and you wish to hold a whole concert, on a real stage, in front of your colleagues, friends and venue’s guests, contact us and, together, we will organize your show!

Red Angus Steakhouse is a one of a kind place that will surprise you with every step, through its décor. The restaurant recreates the image of an old barn, made out of 100 years old, reused wood and brick, enhanced with the classic American symbols – motorcycles from the ‘30s, an authentic pinball machine, the best blues in town, and the joy of feeling like a real live cowboy, on a saddle, by the bar. All these elements are transferred in the most attractive area of the Old Town, across the street from The Old Court and St. Anton’s Church. The restaurant appeals to its guests, by attracting them with tender, juicy, USDA Choice certified beef steaks and a fine menu that satisfies even the most refined tastes.

To those who will be performing on its stage Red Angus Steakhouse offers the full package for a successful band: PA system, graphic designer who will create the event’s poster, advertising the show on partner websites, social networks and to the restaurant’s guests, food and drinks on the house, remuneration for the gig, and post-event feedback and promo. As a plus, guest band will receive the opportunity to jam together with Brent Melancon, the American jazz & blues player who traded New Orleans for Bucharest, to play exclusively at Red Angus Steakhouse.

The proposal addresses amateurs and semipro bands, corporatists, entrepreneurs who wish to have fun and show off your skills! If interested, please, send us a demo.

Ana Doaga
Red Angus Steakhouse

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