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News from Members Premiaza Inovatia - A Campaign Organized by 3M Romania to Support Romanian Inventors

Premiaza Inovatia - A Campaign Organized by 3M Romania to Support Romanian Inventors

by 3M Romania April 9, 2013

Website www.3M.com

Every year, hundreds of Romanian inventors and scientists from a wide range of activity fields attend numerous worldwide invention contests and competitions, in order to prove the value of Romanian „Mind”. Exceptional Romanian inventors are filling their bookshelves with prizes won at these contests.

Their inventions save lives, change destinies, improve businesses performance, transform people and institutions.

This year, after 15 years of presence in Romania, the 3M Company launches campaign, which is meant to be the most ambitious program for supporting, promoting and awarding Romanian inventions. 3M is a company that believes in collective creativity. Continuous innovation represents the essence of 3M. Few people know that 3M innovations, for more than 100 years now, have helped many businesses to advance, enhanced the comfort in our homes and improved the lives of millions of people all over the world. Thus, car driving during nighttime is easier, buildings have become safer and electronic products have turned into more economical and environmental friendly devices. 3M also helped the mankind to take the first step on the Moon.

We find ourselves in front of an undertaking effort which is meant to involve all the social actors and vectors engaged in developing and supporting the Romanian innovations: students, teachers, scientists, mass-media, authorities, the business and the academic environments.

” ” starts with the launching of a “wikinnovation” portal: an on line encyclopedia meant to introduce, promote and study the most important Romanian inventors nowadays. Also, this encyclopedic portal is going to be the main platform of communication during our campaign. Users will be able to „make history” in real time, by voting the inventors, send messages, studying their work. (Website address www.premiileinovatiei.ro)

It is an unprecedented project, considering its broadness and implications. Romanian inventors and their inventions must be known by Romanian community. The valuable assets that support Romanian science and research domains need more advertising and receive more financial support. For this reason, on November 2013 we will be hosting the “Premiile Inovației Românești” Gala, an exceptional event that will be attended by everyone who believes in this project, starting with the inventors themselves and continuing with the authorities, business people, press representatives, teachers and students. „Premiile Inovației Românești” represents what Romanian inventors have been longing for such a long time: National Recognition.

Until the Gala, there will be some local events, organized in prestigious Universities in Cluj, Timișoara, Iași, Brașov and Bucharest, chosen for their history and tradition in the research area. These events will have an itinerant nature, by presenting the Romanian inventions along with the international ones, the local inventors and the 3M technologies that improve our lives every day, starting with day-to-day household items and up to the revolutionary inventions in healthcare, automotive, energy or traffic safety areas.

We will keep you informed during the entire campaign about the progress of events and their results. You will receive complete information related to the Romanian inventors’ results obtained abroad and also regarding the way they are welcomed within the large Romanian public „community”.

“ ” is a campaign that has deep moral and social meanings, in a country like Romania that struggles permanently to find its way, apart from constraints and historical background.

In deep respect for the work of these amazing people, we bow down and praise their success, and thank you for joining us!

Contact person:
Rares Petrisor
Phone: 021.305.45.74
E-mail address: rares.petrisor@mediapozitiv.com

Andreea Slave
E-mail address: aslave@mmm.com
Website: www.3M.com/ro

About 3M

3M is a global company of diversified technologies. Located in the US and with a strong global presence, 3M owns over 2500 patents internationally recognized and embeds the work and effort of over 84,000 employees from around the globe. 3M is the company that never stops inventing.
3M innovations have improved the lives of millions of people worldwide. With sales of $30 billions, 3M is one of the 30 companies listed in Dow Jones Industrial Average Index and is part of the Standard & Poor’s 500. 3M is committed to actively contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection and social responsibility.
3M developed more than 8,600 programs dedicated to pollution prevention.
With a presence in Romania of over 15 years, the 3M Company offers technologies, solutions and products in the following business areas: Consumer, Electronics and Energy, Industry, Safety, Security and Commercial Graphics.
For more information, visit www.3M.com or follow @3MNews on Twitter.

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