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News from Members Plan an effective payroll with MyStaff Schedule. Case Study

Plan an effective payroll with MyStaff Schedule. Case Study

by Smartree October 29, 2013

When it comes to payroll, one of the most difficult stages in the process is to keep an accurate work time record of each employee. Things are simple when the working hours are similar - 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with a pay scale determined in each labor contract.

But when your business involves working in shifts with different hours and specific rules, a frequent overtime and many exceptions in a normal timesheet, you need a professional solution in order to achieve a fair payroll.

Find out how MyStaff Schedule can help you in your business, request an analysis for timesheet and payroll.

How to manage a payroll with more timesheet exceptions than rules

Case study: for a client organization with employees work in shifts, working and non-working days depending on the job profile and specific timesheet rules and transfer, Smartree created a new instrument for payroll planning: MyStaff Schedule.

Thus, for a total of approximately 450 employees, the payroll process became more efficient by creating rule exceptions and reducing costs associated with improperly distributed work to a smaller or bigger number of employees than necessary..

In this particular case, after analyzing the specific business needs, several profiles have been created each one associated with a set of specific rules: Normal, Front Office, Manufacture and so on.

- The Normal profile includes TESA employees with normal working hours (8 hours a day). Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are set by default as non-working days and hours worked in these days are regarded as overtime.
- The Front Office Profile includes staff from Front Office and Call Center for whom the work schedule is 8 hours a day, but with the opportunity to work on Saturdays and Sundays and to take rest days on normal working days. For hours worked on Saturdays and Sundays there is a bonus.
- The Manufacture Profile includes employees working in shifts of 12 hours from Monday to Sunday. There is a bonus for night hours and non-working day activity.

After this stage, the program planning and the calculation of the indicators of processes timesheets and thus the payroll could be resolved quickly by creating rules for all months.

MyStaff Schedule manages the planning process and helps communicate the working plan to employees.

Specific results after using MyStaff Schedule

MyStaff Schedule led to efficiency in:

a) Automatic validations

- 100% elimination of manual validations
- 100% elimination of human error in complex validations

b) 45% less time spent planning

c) 40% improvement of the whole planning process by analyzing existing flow

d) Automatic rating of timesheet indicators

- 100% elimination of human interpretation
- 100% equity concerning employees with similar regime and accuracy concerning different types of employees (e.g. different amounts of bonus)
- a centralized timesheets system – in a 60% ratio
- a set of automatic indicators issued by MyStaff Schedule: night hours, bonus for weekend hours, meal tickets, guard shifts, average number for solidarity fund, different categories of overtime - 100% efficiency

e) Real-time secure data access of different staff categories (managers, planners, HR specialists etc.) - 55% efficiency

f) 100% elimination of traditional, paper planning time by replacing it with an electronic one

Find out how MyStaff Schedule can help you in your business, request an analysis for timesheet and payroll.

Why choose MyStaff Schedule

- It helps you set-up the planning context for personnel allocation: legal and religious days-off; timesheets profile, employees’ preferences.
- It sets-up necessary activities based on work and / or rules in the Labor Code or Technological needs (shifts).
- It allows you to change schedules in real time unplanned drag & drop changes with real time identification of impact; impact evaluation for unplanned events on the schedule; rescheduling proposals.
- It helps you communicate schedules by printing of large schedules; posting employee schedule in Employee Self Service.

For more details please visit www.smartree.com.

Contact us: contact@smartree.com
Phone: +40 21.301.90.90

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