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News from Members Over 1,000 free and discounted dental services for low income patients

Over 1,000 free and discounted dental services for low income patients

by Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria October 13, 2020

The Foundation Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria offered between July-September 2020 over 1000 full dental services, free or at low prices, in the two social clinics it operates. The prevention and treatment of the dental diseases for the patients without income and social insurance or with low income was financially supported by Vodafone Foundation Romania with a budget of 72.000 lei.

During the pandemic, over 1000 social patients of the Social Clinic Baba Novac and Sala Palatului Clinic were deprived of vital dental services, the alternatives being limited in Bucharest and the whole country. The financial support provided by Vodafone Foundation Romania made possible for 308 patients without income and 185 patients with low income to resume their treatment in safe conditions and to benefit from high quality dental services up to surgery, prosthetics or orthodontics.

Angela Galeța, Director of Vodafone Foundation Romania:  “The difficult situations, such as this pandemic, affects especially the vulnerable people. Our Foundations are at the second collaboration that comes in the support of the patients from disadvantaged categories, offering them high quality and accessible integrated medical services, as alternatives to the public health system and the private one. “

Cristiana Mateoiu, Executive Director of the Foundation Inovații Sociale Regina Maria:In Bucharest there are thousands of people without income and social insurance that can not afford any kind of medical services, let alone the dental one. In addition, during this period, the additional costs generated by the mandatory supplementary protection equipment for the protection of the patients exceeded our possibility of finances, therefore we are extremely grateful to our partners that choose to support us when the need is the biggest and with whom we succeed to treat as many undeserved patients.”

Policlinica Sociala Baba Novac was built 10 years ago out of the will to support of the disadvantaged families without income and medical insurance, while Sala Palatului Clinic, a socio-medical entrepreneurial project offers medical services at small prices, based on the contribution of those that pay the full price of the consultation and treatment in clinic.

The Clinics have 5 cabinets and own radiology centre and 20 dental doctors cover a wide range of dental services, offering a normal chance of life to those who came in their office.

Foundation Vodation Romania is a nongovernmental organization with a charitable, distinct and independent of the commercial operations of the company, established in 1998. Vodafone Foundation Romania financed 1168 programs operated by 745 NGO’s from the entire country in the field of health, education, social services. The Projects had 3 million beneficiaries – children, youth, seniors, physical, social or economic disadvantaged personsTill now, Vodafone Foundation Romania invested 31 million euros in projects developed by partners organizations. More details on the programs of the foundation are available on www.fundatia-vodafone.ro/  and www.facebook.com/fundatiavodafone.

The Foundation Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria is an NGO that offers a wide range of free medical services without income and medical insurance and that takes care, together with more than 15 educators and volunteers, of a number of 200 and children from disadvantaged children in the two educational centers of the foundation (Clinceni and Baneasa). The Foundation Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria, established in 2010, is the philanthropic initiative of the Wargha and Mitra Enayati and is part of Enayati Group. The Foundation Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria is not part of the Private HealthCare Network Regina Maria. More about the details of the social projects of the foundations are available on www.fundatiainovatiisociale.ro and on http://www.facebook.com/fundatiainovatiisociale/.


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