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News from Members On its 10-year jubilee, Bulboacă & Asociaţii launches “The Romanian Matrix” Cultural Association

On its 10-year jubilee, Bulboacă & Asociaţii launches “The Romanian Matrix” Cultural Association

by Bulboacã & Asociaþii SCA April 24, 2017

“Bulboacă şi Asociaţii” Law Firm announces the launch of “The Romanian Matrix” Cultural Association, a non-legal project designed to complement, in the local social – cultural space, the legal services of high quality and pronounced identity that the Law Firm provides to its clients.
Meant as a pole of rediscovery and revaluation of our national consciousness, but also as a bridge to the great European culture, "The Romanian Matrix" Cultural Association aims, without being limited to, at the following objectives:
¨ promoting the cultural identity of Romania, the values of Romanian culture, as well as the values of universal culture;
¨ promoting the Romanian spirituality and the Christian-Orthodox values;
¨ promoting interculturality, tolerance and respect for the other cultures present in the Romanian space;
¨ protecting, preserving and supporting the Romanian cultural heritage, the cultural and historical patrimony;
¨ promoting Romanian art and creators;
¨ supporting the Romanian language and education in Romania;
¨ increasing the visibility of culture in the Romanian public space;
¨ educating new generations in the spirit of love for culture and national identity;
¨ the growth, support and promotion of Romanian elites.

“Our Contribution to Romania's Heritage”
A first step in achieving the strategic objectives of the Association was made in September 2016, when, under the aegis of “Bulboacă şi Asociaţii SCA", the online cultural platform www.romanianmatrix.com was launched. In its first six months of existence, the platform has drawn around 94,000 readers and 285,000 visits, a performance to which the Law Firm’s attorneys have contributed too.

“The Romanian Matrix Cultural Association is a much treasured project of our Firm and, at the same time, our gift for Romania, one year and a half before the centenary of the Great Union. It is not a CSR project, but rather a civic responsibility project, in the good pre-war tradition, when attorneys were reputed participants to the social - cultural life of Romania. I remind you that in 1918, the declaration of self-determination of the Romanians in Transylvania, the sine qua non condition of the Union, was signed in Oradea on the desk of the attorney Aurel Lazăr.

After 10 years of activity carried out by the Law Firm in the Romanian legal and public space, we have come to think, like any responsible parent, of the legacy we leave behind to our «children», whether we are talking about our legal, entrepreneurial or biological creations. Through “The Romanian Matrix” Cultural Association we will make a modest contribution to the change of the climate that we all live in. And what better starting point than culture?" said Adrian-Cătălin Bulboacă, Managing Partner of "Bulboacă şi Asociaţii SCA".
“To all those who receive our message we are addressing the invitation to join the projects of "The Romanian Matrix“ Cultural Association.” ~ Adrian-Cătălin Bulboacă, Managing Partner of Bulboacă & Asociații

Legal services provided with nobility
In the autumn of 2015, the law firm "Bulboacă şi Asociaţii" completed its process of organizational transformation and rebranding. The new brand identity has repositioned the firm around a unique business vision, representing - through its advisory and legal assistance services provided to local and international clients - Romania, with faith and loyalty, thus supporting Romania's effort and contribution to humanity, as well as its European aspirations.

The undertaking included defining the credo that guides the attorneys’ activity, changing the logo in order to reflect the new values of the firm, re-designing online and offline presentation materials, and relocating to a new headquarters, a historic building, which is part of the Romanian national cultural patrimony.

Details on the "Bulboacă & Associații" mission, the profile of the entire team, the practice areas, as well as the national cultural project of the Firm, can be found by accessing www.bulboaca.com and www.romanianmatrix.com , respectively.

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