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News from Members Join the Game or Make the Game? Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Join the Game or Make the Game? Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

by Aperio® Executive Coaching January 27, 2015

Website www.aperio.ro


February 11-12, 2015 from 09:00-18:00


2 days + 2 x 30 min


Impact Hub, Str. Halelor nr. 5, Bucuresti



Aspiring Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in changing the game of their business

Number of participants:

max 25


1200 RON, 10% discount for AmCham members

To register:

Please contact Dan at dan.mocanu@bostrategy.ro or call at 0727898292

For more details:

Even though the vast majority of new startups will fail within couple of years, many aspiring entrepreneurs are not deterred by the high rate of failure and are relentless in the pursuit of the creation of new ventures.

Of all the new business launches, 84% are in Red Oceans, competing head-to-head in existing markets; and only 16% are in Blue Oceans, in uncontested market spaces where competition is irrelevant.

How can a startup diverge from competition, from being at best the market leader and move toward being unique, and enjoying and exceptional value for business of wealth and abundance?

After all, the people starting a new business are smart, knowledgeable and truly committed to making their business succeed and still, the vast majority of new businesses will fail.

What if the very entrenched way of "knowing" the business, the market and the industry, the default view is the very limiting perception that writes the future, of success or failure? What kind of “knowing” led some once truly great companies to failure (Kodak, Nokia)?

Are there any blind spots that one can distinguish early on in the process of developing a new business idea, or is there a process to coming up with a business idea that helps diverge from the bloody waters of competition into the blue, uncontested waters of new market spaces ocean from the start?

YES! In this 2 day workshop, you will discover and apply Blue Ocean Strategy, to develop your business idea. Blue Ocean Strategy is recognized as one of the most influential and award winning strategy development concept of all times. It provides a rational, simple and effective framework to look at what is truly critical to the success of a business idea. It shatters the myth that innovation is only for the very few and offers -to the willing- a way to bring brilliance in the development of business ideas. You and I don’t have to be Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Bill Gates to create a revolutionary concept. Try it on!

Included in the workshop are two 30 minute individual coaching sessions by phone with Dan, to support you in implementing your discoveries in the workshop.

Aperio® Executive Coaching is a consulting and executive coaching company that brings game changing perspectives in business development and individual excellence to entrepreneurs, executives and key people in companies and organizations.

The founder of the Aperio® brand and system, Dan Mocanu is a a Blue Ocean Strategy certified practitioner, a professional certified coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and has over 20 years of extensive internationally accredited experience in leadership, communication and personal effectiveness and productivity.
Since 2004, Dan has worked with the leadership of over 80 companies local and multinational to successfully implement the Aperio® system.

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