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News from Members Investments - the Column for Romania's Sustainable Economic Growth

Investments - the Column for Romania's Sustainable Economic Growth

This document aims to provide a pragmatic perspective on the need to use investments as an active tool for capital growth in the Romanian economy and to foster a model of sustainable economic growth and balanced development.

The document is structured into 5 chapters. Thus, the first chapter presents the role of investments in the functioning of a sustainable model of economic growth. The second chapter gives us the broad context of competition for resources in the paradigm of an open market economy, integrated into the Single Market of the European Union and the global flows of production factors, as Romania is.

The third part examines policies to encourage investment, reviewing the challenges and solutions for capital supply and demand. The fourth chapter defines several priority sectors to support national competitiveness, while the last chapter discusses the relevance of public investment as a driver of economic growth.

The central idea of the document is that of risk capital. The framework of analysis, concepts and solutions proposed is based on this hypothesis. We consider that the operationalization of this concept at the level of the national economic policies would represent a significant evolution of the way of analyzing and designing economic policies in Romania.


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