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News from Members Human value in the age of artificial intelligence, “Equipos y Talento”

Human value in the age of artificial intelligence, “Equipos y Talento”

by Pedersen & Partners March 24, 2017

Madrid, Spain – The 1950s and 1960s were a golden age for innovative science fiction. From this era, I fell in love with Star Trek's teleportation concept, which allowed the characters to immediately transport themselves to any location. Older readers will also remember the comic-book hero Dan Dare (Diego Valor in the Spanish translations) who saved the Earth from alien invasions. One of the enemy aliens moved around in a mind-controlled "flying chair."

More relevantly, the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created in the 1950s, when scientists like John McCarthy began working in the field of "science and engineering to build intelligent machines."

It is currently understood that AI systems are capable of learning from experience and adapting to new situations; in other words, they are systems that are capable of solving problems and taking actions in a rational or human-like way. AI technologies are capable of perceiving (e.g. images and sounds), understanding (processing language and

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