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Help Little Superheroes Become Big Superheroes!

by United Way Romania September 26, 2023

Children who grow up in environments that do not foster development can arouse complex emotions: injustice, because of the many things they are deprived of, pity because they lack accessible tools to be able change something, sadness because we as well can feel powerless in the face of their poverty. However, we often forget about admiration, when in fact one of the most nourishing and important emotions that we can convey to them is precisely admiration.

For them, every day they go to school is an endeavor worthy of a superhero, because like one, they make the journey to the accumulation of knowledge a road traveled with dignity and determination. It is a long, difficult road, with many circumstances that hinder them, but just like superheroes, children discover that at the end of this effort lies the possibility of living a better life. Education is the only tool within their reach to change their destiny, and United Way supports them on their journey.

That’s why, this year, the communication and fund-raising campaign that we traditionally launch at the beginning of autumn comes with admiration for the children of United Way’s education programs under the slogan “Help little superheroes become big superheroes”!

What education means in United Way’s vision:

  • No superhero succeeds without the proper support. In the case of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, these basic helpers are parents and teachers. Every active participant in the student’s educational journey has support from United Way. Thus, parents participate in group meetings, individually or together with their children to develop ways to help their children. Teaching staff participate in training sessions in which they learn the necessary methods to work with vulnerable categories, parents or children.
  • Superheroes need the right weapons and armor. For pupils, these are the new school supplies, clothes and shoes, which they receive as material aid at the beginning of each year, but also along their way, when the old weapons and armor wear out.
  • Have you ever seen starving superheroes? Neither have we. That’s why, in our educational programs, no child sits down to do homework before having a warm meal or a healthy snack. The cases in which the meal served during the program is the only one of the day, are not unitary. Only after the physical hunger is satisfied, there is room for the hunger for knowledge. And this is satisfied by the present, involved, encouraging and patient teaching staff.
  • To fight successfully, superheroes need creativity. We develop this through field trips, experiments, reading clubs that complement formal learning methods, and make children look forward to participating in our programs.
  • And just as real superheroes raise other superheroes around them to spread good and education, our pupils in the program become tutors for other peers earlier in the journey, once they have acquired the necessary superpowers and superknowledge.

Where does Romania currently stand in terms of education level?

The most recent statistics inform the following: According to the Education and Training Monitor, published by the European Commission, in 2022, 40.8% of young people in Romania aged 15 had low reading skills, while the European average was 22.5%. Low competences were also recorded by young people in Romania in mathematics (46.6%, compared to 22.9% European average), but also in science (43.9%, compared to 22.3% European average). Be a superhero for the little superheroes who want to go to school! The statistics change with every person who chooses to get involved and with every child who stays on the path of education. That’s why you can influence the percentages yourself.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Donate online HERE:
  • Send an SMS: Send VIITOR by SMS to 8844 and DONATE 2 euros MONTHLY*
  • Spread the word! The more people learn that they can do a lot of good with a little, the sooner we can see the impact of their involvement. Thank you for telling your friends about United Way and how to support poor children!

Help little superheroes become big superheroes! 

We thank the DIUD team that helped us create the campaign spot and communication materials.

* The value of the Donation is 2 Euro/month. The amount allocated to the cause is 2 Euros. No VAT is charged for subscription donations. In the Digi Mobil, Orange and Telekom Romania Mobile networks, for prepaid cards, VAT was withheld when purchasing the credit. For donations on prepaid cards, users do not pay VAT in the Vodafone network. Campaign carried out with the support of Digi Mobil, Orange Romania, Telekom Romania Mobile and Vodafone Romania. To unsubscribe, send the message VIITOR STOP to the number 8844. Contact UNITED WAY ROMANIA: +40 21 306 4970.

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