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News from Members Hello to all our AmCham partners! Yes, it’s that season again!

Hello to all our AmCham partners! Yes, it’s that season again!

by Fundatia Progress November 21, 2023

It’s that time where we remind you that a donation to a charity organization can bring you personal satisfaction, which cannot be equaled. People may not remember our fancy clothes, our fashionable bags or our most updated devices. But they will remember our ideals, the values we have fought for and the legacy we have left behind.

Take a few minutes to read about the NGOs activating in Romania, who are doing fantastic things for the communities and vulnerable people all over the country and look for a cause that moves you. Choose to help, we told you, it's that time of the year. You may want to know more about us, too, so you can find all the information about Progress Foundation's projects here:

Progress Foundation has been active since 1996. Within the last 13 years, the organization has grown exponentially and turned its attention to the national network of libraries, which are regarded as community hubs. The local public libraries are hosting our most amazing projects: CODE Kids and FEARLESS GIRLS Network.

Through free coding clubs for children - CODE Kids and, respectively, empowerment clubs for girls in rural and small urban areas, we help children today dream safely to their brightest future and support creating a sustainable one for their communities.

When you want to do good, the stock is not limited and the offer is not ended in a few hours. You do not have to hurry somewhere. Not even to click on the links below. On the contrary, you just have to take a break and breathe. And think really hard. On what do YOU want to spend your money, and leave something behind?


Our most important figures to be considered:

✔️ CODE Kids is the largest STEM initiative in Romania. In 2023 we have over 250 active programming CODE Kids clubs in which over 3,500 kids learn to code. We also have 30 CODE Kids clubs in the Republic of Moldova.

✔️ In 6 years of CODE Kids programs, over 4,600 children have learned to code and have written over 5,000,000 lines of code.

✔️ CODE Kids has gained an important prize in Bruxelles - the Emerging Europe Awards Trophy, Education for Future category and 3rd Prize at the Romanian Civil Society Gala 2023, Education Section.

✔️ Progress Foundation has signed a partnership with Romanian Digitalization Authority and CODE Kids has become a good practice model at a national level.

✔️ Over 650 girls in villages and cities across Romania attend our empowerment clubs in libraries in order to complete their educational path with key information which are not covered in school: health education, anxiety, assertive communication, bullying, financial independence, human trafficking and many other.

✔️ Our project "Fearless Girls" developed alongside with our partners, has been recently nominated to the Romanian PR Award Gala 2023.


There is a lot to be done. Good people and good companies interested to get involved with their full hearts and minds, on a longer term are highly needed. Education is not something to be done in small, interrupted parts. It is a long process that needs to take its full course and never stop. That's why we need YOU - powerful and committed partners to cover the long tracks with highest results and greatest satisfaction: we have changed together over the years children's lives in Romania and allowed them to live a life full of benefits and opportunities. We are Progress Foundation. We are Dreamers and Doers United.

Remember. Spending is easy. Choose to invest in our children's future. It is your future, too. #DonateFriday

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