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News from Members Hamilton’s Mechanical Processing Division is taking on high precision machining projects for external customers

Hamilton’s Mechanical Processing Division is taking on high precision machining projects for external customers

by Hamilton Central Europe February 7, 2023

Hamilton's High Precision CNC Mechanical Department provides a variety of precision CNC machining services including turning, milling and grinding. With high-end CNC machining equipment combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, we can handle all types of CNC machining parts in both metal and plastic.

All the equipment used is cutting-edge and, together with a qualified, extremely dedicated, responsible team who are passionate about precision and performance, we manage to produce high precision parts that meet the most demanding quality standards.

The main categories of materials used in CNC machining are metals, plastics and composites. Within these categories, there is a selection of materials used for precision manufacturing in our plant, including their subtypes: Stainless steel, Plastic, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, ARCAP.

"We pride ourselves with a mechanical machining department in which we have invested over 4.5 million euros and today we have 13 CNC lathes and 6 milling machines. Initially developed to meet internal needs for sub-assemblies and components for laboratory products, we now see this division as a business in its own right and intend to expand our business in the future, taking on external customers interested in high precision machining in the order of hundredths of a millimetre and even microns", said Mr Ciprian Ractei, General Director of Hamilton Central Europe.

The technologies used by Hamilton Central Europe include laser welding and marking, high precision CNC machining, 3D measurement and printing.

About Hamilton Central Europe:

Hamilton Central Europe started its activity in Romania in 2013, becoming the second country in

Europe, after Switzerland, in which Hamilton has a production plant, and the only company in Romania specialized in the production of microliter syringes.

Nowadays, Hamilton Central Europe's team produces highly precise instruments used in analysis and research laboratories (highly precision syringes, manual and automated valves, needles, pipetting modules, etc.) and accessories for medical equipment.

The products made by Hamilton Central Europe in Timis, Romania are used in Europe, Asia and South Africa, especially in scientific research laboratories, analytical applications laboratories and intensive care units.

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