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News from Members Envisia Business School Launches a New Edition of Specialized Courses this Fall

Envisia Business School Launches a New Edition of Specialized Courses this Fall

by Envisia Services September 15, 2023


Professionalism begins with up-to-date education. This is why, this fall, Envisia Business School launches a focused and always up-to-date portfolio of courses, designed to keep specialists in the now.

3 reasons why you should join?

  1. Fresh, relevant themes that address and prepare you for current challenges. From financial analysis, creating a culture of innovation, corporate governance, to business continuity and valuation, and capital markets.
  2. Top notch practitioners will facilitate the classes.
  3. The classes will be delivered live-online and will be highly interactive and practical. A digital certificate will be issued after each course.

Financial Analysis – a practical approach, October 13

You will learn how to: read and analyze the major financial statements, evaluate a company using ratio analysis, go in depth into the financial reporting and practice financial analysis techniques.

Facilitator: Mirela Păunescu, PhD, FCCA, CIA. Top Consultant holding an impressive portfolio of international and national professional qualifications (FCCA, CIA, CAFR, CCF and CECCAR) and a solid academic background - a PhD in Accounting from ASE Bucharest and an MBA from Bentley University USA (graduated with High Distinction).

Creating a Culture of Innovation in an Uncertain, Disruptive World, October 19

You will learn how to: leverage innovation to respond to change, develop your ability to innovate by generating more ideas and putting them into action. The course is a perfect combination between TRAINING and COACHING, delivering a unique experience to the participants. 

Facilitator: Gilda Scarfe, PhD - Mental Toughness Expert, Member on the Advisory Board of the Global Flourishing Study led by HARVARD University in collaboration with Baylor University and Founder and CEO of the Mental Toughness Institute (MTI) & Positive Ed.

Operational Risks Assessment and Business Continuity Management, November 21-22

You will learn how to master the knowledge and practical techniques needed to investigate an operational risk incident, manage the operational risk on long term and in unprecedent situations, understand the importance of Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and gain insight into best practices in BCP.

The course is developed in partnership with and endorsed by AAFBR and ACI Romania.

Facilitators: Adrian Codirlașu, PhD, CFA, Presenter / Trainer, VP AAFBR, VP of the CFA Society Romania, Associate Professor and Adrian Baciu, PhD, International Consultant / Presenter / Trainer / BCP Coordinator - Country Chief Security Officer, Omniasig, VIG.

Corporate Governance. Overview, principles and best practices, November 29

You will learn the importance of assuring the premises for a good corporate governance framework, the architecture of the corporate structures and the interdependencies between, segregation of the responsibilities between shareholders, administrators, directors, and the impact of ESG requirements.

Facilitator: Narcisa Oprea, Lawyer/Consultant/Trainer, Partner at Schoenherr, a top professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate governance and capital markets.

Business Valuation. Principles, best practice and Application, December 7-8

You will learn how to: gain knowledge and master the main Valuation Techniques, build Discounted Cash-Flow Model using inputs such as Weight Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Net Working Capital (NWC), Capital Investments (CAPEX), Net debt and Terminal Value, make key judgments for a convincing business assessment, and to understand the role of the business plan for a valuation exercise.

The course is developed in partnership with and endorsed by AAFBR.

Facilitators: Mihai Căruntu, Presenter/Trainer, Senior Analyst Corporate Finance Division, BRD – GSG, member of AAFBR; Carmen Lipara, PhD, Presenter / Trainer/Consultant in Valuation, Modeling and Economics, member of AAFBR; Daniela Ropotă, CIIA – Presenter/ Trainer/Consultant and Manager Valuation, Modeling and Economics, PwC, President of AAFBR; Mihai Stan, FCCA, Presenter /Trainer/Consultant, member of AAFBR.

More info about the courses and how to apply to the program, learning outcomes and costs, you can find here

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