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News from Members Discussing Tax Control Issues at TaxEU 2014

Discussing Tax Control Issues at TaxEU 2014

by NNDKP February 11, 2014

Website www.nndkp.ro

Partner Ana-Maria Miron and Senior Tax Managers Lucian Barbu and Adina Vizoli, NNDKP Tax Advisory Services, approached in detail the issue of tax control during the two days of TaxEU, one of the most important local forums on tax issues.

The conference, which took place on the first day of the event, brought to the attention of the participants the most recent changes to the Fiscal Code, new aspects related to VAT (both at local and community level), changes in the accounting area, anti-fraud and anti-abuse measures, new elements in the area of customs and excise duties, as well as real estate taxes.

Our colleagues' presentations focused on the intensification of tax controls in the context in which taxpayers seek to maintain/stimulate their activities in the current market conditions, brings about additional payments to the state budget and cases of refusal of tax reimbursement. During an interactive Q&A session, Ana-Maria Miron and Adina Vizoli provided concrete solutions to specific cases that participants described.

In this context, Ana-Maria Miron believes that "although some tax law modifications are necessary for economic growth and alignment to European directive requirements, their frequency and bias towards creating new sources of income for the state budget are putting bona fide taxpayers in real difficulties, instead of aiming at increasing collection rates and tackling tax evasion."

On the second day of the event, participants had the opportunity to attend seven specialized seminars which presented case studies related to current topics from the local and European business community. Some of the aspects discussed were related to transfer pricing, tax control, difficult problems occurred in actual practice, changes in the VAT area operated at European level, tax trends.

NNDKP Tax Advisory Services' seminar analyzed some of the issues presented during the previous day. Thus, Lucian Barbu and Adina Vizoli discussed with the participants various situations occurring in actual practice and the approach of the tax control teams in the different given situations. They focused on aspects related to ceasing investments, free of charge policy, the way of calculating accessory tax obligations, financial inducements granted for the purpose of attracting/keeping clients, the imposing of VAT as a result of subsequent customs controls, investments assigned to a public authority or to a utilities provider.

Organized by Evensys, one of the most important players on the Romanian events market, the eighth edition of TaxEU brought together 30 speakers, both officials of the Ministry of Public Finance and tax and legal experts, representing the most important companies specialized in this area.


About NNDKP Tax Advisory Services SRL:

NNDKP Tax Advisory Services SRL brings together complementary skills from the tax and legal area, thus having the capacity to provide, both by the main office in Bucharest and by the regional office of Timișoara, full solutions for a wide variety of complex aspects offered to the local and international companies activating in areas such as: energy, the automotive industry, pharmaceutics, transportation, electronics and the health care industry.

The NNDKP Tax Advisory Services SRL team comprises of 22 certified tax consultants having a significant experience in the field, who provide clients both general and specialized advice, adapted to different tax issues deriving from fields such as profit tax, indirect taxes (value added tax and excise duties), natural entities taxation, withholding taxes, local taxes and duties, contributions to the social insurance funds, capital gains tax, transfer pricing and tax disputes.


For more information please contact:

Irina Melecciu | Director of Marketing and Communication
Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen Tax Advisory Services SRL
Tel: (40-21) 20 11 200 | Fax: (40-21) 20 11 210 | Mob: (40-72) 86 66 232
irina.melecciu@nndkp.ro | www.nndkp.ro

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