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News from Members CONFIDEX – the economic balance of a pandemic year

CONFIDEX – the economic balance of a pandemic year

by Impetum Group April 6, 2021

Impetum Group has launched the CONFIDEX Q1 2021 campaign and invites Romanian managers and entrepreneurs to contribute to the radiography of the economy by filling-in the CONFIDEX questionnaire: https://quizzes.impetumgroup.com/.

The results of the study, which will be available in early May, will mark the balance of a pandemic year and will show the path taken by Romanian entrepreneurs and managers in these turbulent times. The results of the study will also show how perceptions of the business environment align with national economic trends and balance sheets.

This "pulse" of the real economy in times of uncertainty offers managers and entrepreneurs a real analysis of the economy to rely on for their business decisions, a map of trends or new ideas on how to increase competitiveness in a resettling market.

CONFIDEX has become, through a joint effort of the business environment, the largest pro-business study about our economy through the crisis and the voice of the business environment in Romania.

Fill in the questionnaire here: https://quizzes.impetumgroup.com/


The CONFIDEX study analyzes the perception of managers and entrepreneurs and their confidence in the economy and offers a clear perspective on the evolution of the Romanian economy through the crisis provoked by COVID 19.

The CONFIDEX study was launched in May 2020 with the purpose to radiograph step by step the effects that the coronavirus crisis has on the economy and focuses on the elements that restore the business environment's confidence in the economy. The conclusions of the previous studies are available here.

The three previous editions of CONFIDEX:

  • analyzed the feedback of more than 1500 entrepreneurs, CEOs or C-level managers from large companies (75% have over 1 million euros in turnover and 31% have over 5 million euros in turnover);
  • Companies come from the main contributing fields to GDP: agriculture, industry and energy, construction, trade, HoReCa, transport (incl. Distribution, storage) and services;
  • On March 11, the CONFIDEX debate functioned as the business environment’s voice in a discussion with the Prime Minister of Romania, Florin Cîțu, Omer Tetik - CEO of Banca Transilvania, Andrei Cionca - CEO of Impetum Group and Moise Guran (moderator) on the post-pandemic recovery and the road to a new economy. The recorded debate is available here: https://impetumgroup.com/confidex/dezbateri/dezbaterea-confidex-recuperarea-post-pandemie-si-drumul-spre-o-noua-economie-2/
  • The next CONFIDEX debate will take place on 8 April, about strategic decisions in a volatile reality with Moise Guran and his guests: Iulian Stanciu, Executive President, eMAG, Valer Hancaș, Director of Corporate Affairs, Kaufland and Andrei Cionca, CEO of Impetum Group. The debate can be watched here: https://fb.me/e/1aIOKiWUi


Some relevant conclusions from CONFIDEX Q4:

  • Managers' confidence in the Romanian economy increased in Q4 2020, after recovering some of the losses suffered during the pandemic.
  • Managers expect a 5% increase in business this year and a return to the ante-pandemic level in the summer of 2022
  • Turnover halves compared to pessimistic expectations at the beginning of the pandemic
  • The companies recovered half of the losses caused by Covid-19. More than half of them have adopted telework
  • Managers see a crisis recovery in the form of the letter V but with a return in two speeds, given that companies have been affected differently by the pandemic, as shown by the CONFIDEX index
  • The CONFIDEX index increases to 45 points from 41 points in Q2 and Q3 2020. The index has increased unevenly. In small companies, the level of confidence in the economy is lower.

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