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News from Members Conectys Named Best Medium Sized Call Centre in Romania

Conectys Named Best Medium Sized Call Centre in Romania

by Conectys April 29, 2014

Conectys, the recognised leader in multilingual and multicultural outsourcing services, has been named the Best Medium Sized Call Centre at the Romanian Contact Centre Awards.

The Romanian Contact Centre Awards, organised by Contact Centre Magazine, showcases the best organisations, individuals and initiatives from the Romanian customer care industry. Conectys was selected by an influential and respected panel of industry experts due to its commitment to excellence, to both its employees and to its 45 global clients. This is achieved through a relentless focus on Conectys’ core strengths: people, processes and technology.

Conectys was recognised for its innovative employee procedures and ability to empower, and reward its multilingual and highly skilled team. The judges also acknowledged Conectys’ investment in employee training and engagement, its collaborative scheduling and its employee evaluation programme as being instrumental to its own and to its customers’ success.

Working to customer aligned service level agreements, enhancing customer experience through tight focus on NPS, CES and FCR analysis and encouraging open dialogue to positively challenge its clients enabled Conectys to deliver further value to its customers. These processes are enabled and tightly managed by its industry leading and, highly customisable technology. This includes the ability to deliver real-time reporting on key metrics, highly secured PCI compliant solutions and ISO 9001 certified quality systems.

“This is the first time that we have participated in the Romanian Contact Centre Awards so we are delighted to have won the top award in our category: Best Medium Sized Call Centre in Romania,” said Arnold Cobbaert, CEO of Conectys. “This award is the result of our collective and relentless passion for our customers’ success. But we are only able to consistently deliver the high-quality, energetic and innovative service that our customers need if we put the appropriate emphasis on developing and supporting our employees, processes and technologies. This award is recognition of this philosophy and we look forward to gaining similar recognition for our work in our other global facilities.”

Earlier this year, Conectys was also awarded Best BPO of the Year at the 2014 Central and Eastern Europe Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards.

About Conectys

Conectys is a recognised leader in multilingual and multicultural outsourcing services. Its specialised outsourcing capabilities create significant competitive differentiation and brand value for global organisations. Conectys combines talented multilingual teams with effective quality processes and proven technology to deliver new levels of service personalisation and profitability.

Conectys has facilities in Belgium, Romania and the Philippines, providing a global footprint and international scale to telecommunications, travel, hospitality, media and entertainment companies.

Conectys is ISO 9001:2008 certified and PCI DSS Compliant. Conectys was also awarded Best BPO firm of the Year 2014 at the CEE Awards and has been ranked a Top 10 Global Multilingual Outsourcing Vendor by leading analysts.

Please visit www.conectys.com for latest service offerings and company overview.

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