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News from Members Companies in Romania are ready for sustainability

Companies in Romania are ready for sustainability

by Green Revolution Association June 30, 2016

Over 400 companies, with a 60% increase from the previous year, were registered in the Green Business Index (GBI) competition, in 2016, the barometer of corporate environmental responsibility in Romania.

Green Business Index is, since 2010 , the most consecrated competition between companies in Romania, in the field of management performance and environmental protection, organized by the Green Revolution Association, in partnership with Norges Vel ( Royal Association Norwegian Development ) and funded by Funds from Norway .

Using an online platform for assessing the environmental performance of approximately 200 performance indicators, over 400 companies were able to assess their effectiveness in the management and protection of the environment, to measure their carbon footprint and to use the technical support and recommendations of environmental experts to improve performance and increase competitiveness , all based on international standards.

"The great number of companies registered in GBI can only make us happy, because it demonstrates that companies are concerned with sustainable development and environmental protection and that they understood that the concerns for environmental protection are the only way to build profitable businesses. Green Business Index is a success and a competitive advantage for all participating companies, that through this, they can now assess, objectively, environmental performance and theu can identify early challenges and risks, said Raluca Fiser , president of Green Revolution .

The increasing pressure from the media, investors, the public and NGOs for greater transparency in sustainability coming from the business and public services make the Green Business Index a tool assistance and training for environmental performance evaluation for companies and a framework for transparent companies towards external environment.

The results of the latest edition of Green Business Index, which can be found in the report and disclosed in the GBI Gala on May 18th , 2016 , show an increase of companies interest to protect the environment and marks the fact that companies understand more and more that their businesses not only must comply with the legislation, but they may have competitive advantages from the development of voluntary programs with a positive impact on the environment.

Among the key results of the Green Business Index 2016, the following were noted :

-approximately 60% of industrial companies use green design tools

- 47.5 % reduced their consumption of water, and the proportion of companies that do not monitor these consumption fell from18% to 2.38 %.

- It was doubled the proportion of companies that provide their energy needs from renewable sources mainly from last year.

-59.46 % of companies have implemented energy efficiency measures and 64 % of them are generating immediate cuts energy consumption and thus emissions of greenhouse gases

-22% of companies have reduced the amount of air emissions from the previous year
-40.6 % have reduced the volume of wastewater discharged into the environment, and 60% experienced decreases in net quantities of pollutants discharged into the environment with wastewater.
- 41.17 % recorded decreases in the amount of waste generated and made efforts to improve the use of resources in their companies.

-the number of companies that have a fleet of vehicles newer than 2 years increased by 60%, but has also decreased ( about 3 times) the number of companies with a fleet of vehicles older than 10 years.
Green Revolution Association awarded on 18th of May, the most environmentally responsible companies in the annual Gala Green Business Index ( GBI ). The event was held at the Marriott Hotel and representatives of major companies in Romania attended the event, alsao the Minister of Environment of Water and Forests , as well as representatives of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce (AmCham , AHK , Econet )

Now in it’s sixth edition, Green Business Index is the public recognition of the efforts towards environmental accountability of companies in Romania and reflects the openness of the local business environment towards the green economy .

J.W. Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel was named the most responsible company for the environment at the Gala Green Business Index, because it has demonstrated in the reporting year that has mobilized resources and has managed affairs in order to ensure prosperity and long-term profitability taking into account the environmental aspects of its current activities .

GBI overall ranking in 2016 is :
First place: J.W. Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
Second place: DHL Express Romania
Third place: Dacris Impex SRL
Fourth place: Graphtec Design SRL
Fifth place : HOCHLAND Romania SRL

Top regions South and South –East Development:
First place: Dacris Impex SRL
Second place: Graphtec Design SRL
Fourth place : Grup Servicii Petroliere SA
Also, for the first time , it was given a special award for Circularity and the winner was DHL Express Romania.
After evaluating companies' activity on the areas of assessment of environmental performance , with major relevance for environmental protection, other winning companies were Danone PDPA SRL , Gebrüder Weiss SRL , WABAG Water Services SRL , ELECTROARGES SA , TAKATA Romania SRL Tools Factory and Molds, NIMET SRL, RMR Arges SRL , PANDORA Prod SRL , Romania SRL TAKATA Seat Factory , ELMAS SRL, Schaeffler Romania SRL , TAKATA Romania SRL.
Companies evaluated in the 2016 Green Business Index edition provided information related to the reporting period of 2015 .

Green Business Index 2015 final report can be downloaded from the website: https://www.gbindex.ro/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Catalog_Green_Business_Index_2016.pdf

Green Business Index 2015 is a project initiated by Green Reevolution Association , developed in partnership with The Royal Norwegian Society for Development NORGES VEL and funded by the Norwegian government through Innovation Norway using Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the area of funding " Innovation in Romania Green industry " .

About Green Revolution Association :

Green Revolution Association , founded in March 2009, is the first NGO in Romania urban ecology that puts in practice the measures underlying the construction of a green city . Green Revolution develop various projects which promotes and supports : environmental education and respect for the environment, the selective collection of packaging waste , means and solutions for transport ecological and economical to adopt a responsible behavior towards the environment among authorities and private companies and state.

For further information:
Matei Geanina, Communication & PR Coordinator @ GREEN REVOLUTION ASSOCIATION
Mobile: 0728.051.780
Phone: 021/310.63.97; Fax: 021/316.28 23
@Valului Entrance, Bucharest, Romania
Email: geanina.matei@greenrevolution
More details on: www.gbindex.ro sau www.greenrevolution.ro

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