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News from Members Characteristics of leaders with growth mentality

Characteristics of leaders with growth mentality

by PKF Finconta January 30, 2018

The result of our actions is just as important as our reaction to these actions. Faced with failure, some people are left unhappy, while others use it as a learning opportunity. Some cling to fixed thinking, while others see the opportunity to grow.
It is said that when you learn to get the failure as an opportunity you are on the right path, that of knowledge and progress. A growth mentality leader has overcome the fear stage and sees failure as a challenge or an experience designed to help him overcome any obstacle.

1. The positive effect of the growth mentality within companies

This is also the case for companies. Some develop organizational cultures prone to status quo and others to evolution and change. There are companies for which most employees are resources, and few are talents, while for other companies all employees are talented. The first type of company defines a fixist mentality, which privileges those identified as talents. The other type demonstrates that there are organizations which trust the potential of each employee to grow.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, encouraged by the trust they have invested in, employees in companies who consider them all as potential talents are 47% more confident in their colleagues, 34% of them are more responsible and more involved, and 49% say innovation is supported by the company they work in.

2. Actions to build an organizational culture based on the growth mentality

Because the benefits of companies that credit employees' potential are multiple, the following are actions aimed at building such an organizational culture:

  • Encourage employees to explore new opportunities at work and acquire new skills and competencies, including through rotation between different teams, functions or departments.
  • Develop the role of managers by adding the task of being catalysts of the growth mentality. Transform them into models and learning resources for the teams they coordinate and beyond.
  • Formal and informal appreciation of learning efforts from team coordinators, supervisors or managers.
  • Monthly assignment of a task to improve the performance of each employee in team with colleagues.
  • Generate contexts that allow for initiative, experimentation, and eventual failure, to identify new and different solutions, other than what is already known.

3. Characteristics of leaders with growth mentality

Leaders who embrace the growth mentality know that learning and progress are as important as effort. In an entrepreneurial company, learning, change and evolution are key elements. That's why it is very important for the teams of these companies to quickly identify what they can learn from their experiences, then use this knowledge to avoid making the same mistakes twice.
Another feature of leaders who have a growth mentality is the ability to see new opportunities everywhere - at conferences or networking events, in a business news or in an industry report. Being constant in the effort to grow, these leaders manage to overcome their limiting beliefs and take advantage of more opportune circumstances than before, especially when they could lead their business to a new level.

Realizing the full benefits of a growth mentality, these leaders are looking for ways to improve. Even if some of them are recognized experts in a certain area of expertise, they believe it is always possible to learn new things, especially by being open to everything that is new in the field of business, but also in other areas.
Perhaps the most important feature of leaders with growth mentality is that they want to see others succeed. Their purpose is to support their colleagues in their professional and personal development journey. Their input into the company is therefore remarkable. Along with other colleagues, they become models and sources of inspiration for other colleagues and contribute to the development of future leaders in this growth mentality.

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