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News from Members CERTION announces the opening of MOUSSAY Olimp Beach Club

CERTION announces the opening of MOUSSAY Olimp Beach Club

by CERTION June 29, 2022

Website certion.com

MOUSSAY Olimp Beach Club is the latest attraction on the Romanian coast and represents a new step in the development of Olimp by offering premium facilities. Following investment of over 500,000 euros, the official opening took place on Saturday, June 18, in a private event dedicated to property owners within the projects developed by CERTION.

"Moussay Olimp Beach Club is clear proof that a beach area means more than sunbeds, umbrellas and street vendors. It is an oasis of greenery and relaxation where you can listen to good music, serve a quality coffee and drink, have lunch and, why not, work in peace. The investment in Moussay is the result of our belief that in the near future RIVIERA SUD will become Romania's main tourist destination, and not only in the summer season ", said Bogdan Căruntu, Partner and Creative Director, CERTION.

MOUSSAY Olimp Beach Club represents a project of over 5,000 square meters of beach, bar, areas specially arranged for beach lounge and workation, sunbeds, restaurant, an area for petang lovers, area for SUPs and nautical activities, volleyball area.

Quality facilities contribute to the improvement of Romanian tourism

"Olimp is my favorite resort, I have said this repeatedly. A few years ago, Radu and I only dreamed of having a holiday home by the sea, where we could go whenever we wanted, in any season. In the meantime, the dream has come true, we have our apartment at VOGH Olimp and we are glad that facilities and services have already started to be available around the project, which until recently we only enjoyed during holidays spent in other countries. MOUSSAY is something else. It is something that the entire Romanian coast needed, not only the Olimp area ", said Adela Popescu.

In the southern part of the Romanian coast, the CERTION portfolio currently includes five branded hotel residence projects: VOGH, GALILEO and PHAROS in Olimp and LAGO and SOLANTIS in Neptun. Quality facilities are an essential component of the service packages offered by CERTION's branded residences not only in the south of the coast, but also in the mountains. "Maintaining a high standard of service quality and facilities equivalent to a 5* hotel is a challenge we take on daily, but also a guarantee of excellence that our guests can rely on in any season and in all locations in the portfolio,” explained Bogdan Căruntu.

Due to the special landscape and the quality of the beaches, Olimp has the potential to become the landmark resort for premium tourism, being the best rated and positioned area on the Romanian coast. "Our involvement in the area is oriented around the creation of a true ecosystem that can offer experiences and quality tourist services operational 365 days a year," added Bogdan Căruntu.

The MOUSSAY Club is operated by the property and hotel management company Loyal Paladin and will initially address the general public and will later be given priority to owners and tourists within the projects developed by CERTION.

Through its developed projects, CERTION will offer over 1,000 accommodation places on the Romanian coast and approximately 200 accommodation places in Poiana Braşov. Started in 2021, over a period of 4 years, the CERTION investment program for the southern part of the coast amounts to over 60 million euros. For the mountain area, the investment program reaches more than 30 million euros. The first branded residence project, VOGH Olimp, will be delivered by CERTION at the end of this year.

About Certion

CERTION was created in 2015 by Cătălin Scripcaru, Cezar Ionescu and Bogdan Căruntu, top professionals in the industry, with recognized experience in developing real estate projects. Over the last 20 years, the founding team of CERTION has amassed an impressive portfolio of projects, all of which have been successfully initiated, developed and delivered. Focusing on challenging and visionary projects that go beyond the scope of most developer-initiated projects, CERTION has an approach designed to create a shared vision with communities and provide both social and commercial value.


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