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News from Members Because You Exist, we are Always Where we are Needed!

Because You Exist, we are Always Where we are Needed!

by Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria November 18, 2022

Over 2000 Ukrainian patients, mothers, grandmothers and childrren were treated this year along with 5000 Romanian patients. At the foundation`s clinics or on the field, by the mobile medical unit, thousands of people found treatment and comfort with us.

150 Ukrainian children are continuing their education along the 240 Romanian children in our centers.

Because every child has the right to safety and education.

The suffering and the fear are felt the same way regardless of the language. We are here for any human being that needs help. With physicians and nurses, investigations, treatments and medications, or with a warm place where they will learn along devoted teachers, our foundation brings back hope, health and gives back wings.

We need your support to continue to offer support to the thousands of Romanian patients excluded from the medical system and starting this year to other thousands Ukrainian refugees.

 20% of the profit or income tax of the company you represent CAN BE the salvation of a person that lost all hope.

Be one of those that offer a new chance!

„We are all the fruits of the same tree and the leaves of the same branches” - Baha-ullah                       

Donații - Fundația Inovații Sociale Regina Maria (                                                                                                                                    

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