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News from Members A new look: Pachiu & Associates completes the redesign process

A new look: Pachiu & Associates completes the redesign process

by Pachiu & Asociatii November 20, 2013

Website www.pachiu.com

Pachiu & Associates law firm has renewed its look following a strategic repositioning process, involving the redesign of its presentation materials and of the www.pachiu.com website, officialy re-launched today.

In its 11th year of business, Pachiu & Associates decided to initiate its redesign process, as a prerequisite to meet client requirements and to clearly reveal its lawyers’ proficiency and the firm’s best assets. Once with its redesign, Pachiu & Associates placed a strong emphasis on the practice group providing legal assistance on energy projects, an area in which the firm has built solid skills. Laurentiu Pachiu, Managing Partner, explains the grounds for such decision:

“Over the course of time, we were subject to several image-change processes. Technology is rapidly evolving and so are people’s communication and interaction requirements. Meanwhile, although the idea of providing professional services tailored to each client remains steadfast, our firm has evolved and changed its course. Because in recent years much of our activity was focused on energy projects, be it focused on conventional or unconventional energy, a new business-level strategy was imposed, translated into a new direction of communication. Correlating the two aspects, the need for redesign emerged, so that all our efforts would become convergent. “

The new website is answering current standards and is meeting the visitors’ call for identifying information more easily. Therefore, each page encompasses all relevant information to generate an overall opinion on the standard of services rendered by our law firm, providing for such purpose several sources and indicators. Moreover, its classic, elegant and simple design was maintained, respecting the rigors of professionalism already familiar to Pachiu & Associates’ clients.

Besides restructuring information, one novelty to be found is publishing the descriptions of several representative projects by each practice group, in various fields of activity, attesting to the valuable expertise of the firm’s attorneys. Moreover, representatives of Pachiu & Associates emphasize that they do not intend to embrace the trend of aggressive promotion by publishing names of their clients, but rather to reveal the diversity of the projects in which they become involved, proving their expertise, so that any potential client would be able to outline its own opinion. Moreover, discretion and passion are among the firm’s values, and respect for clients is only attested by a strong consensus between thoughts and actions.

Pachiu & Associates also implemented a much easier method to be used by website visitors who intend to subscribe to its legal updates or news articles. In addition, although as a rule law firms are choosing to have their websites only in English, pachiu.com can now be accessed in three languages: English, Romanian and German.

“In this century driven by speed, information and use of smart-phones, businessmen have less time to look up for data. It is therefore important to find everything in one place, to realize at a glance whether you have reached the right place. Moreover, it is important for visitors to feel care from those who drew his attention to the website. Therefore, although our effort was tripled, we chose to have our website not only in English, but also in Romanian and German. Choosing German is not only due to the large number of attorneys speaking it fluently, but also to our successful work over the years with many companies from German-speaking countries,” detailed Laurentiu Pachiu.

Based on the need for repositioning and the desire to gain visual harmony, the redesign process involved also renewal of the presentation materials such as brochures, notebooks or newsletter, being now focused on pointing out the assets of the firm and revealing the already well-known elegance of the firm.

The redesign process started with a detailed analysis of successful models abroad, conducted by the PR Department of Pachiu and Associates. A pitch followed, and together with The Beards Creative, the winning agency, a design plan was outlined, that suffered quite a few changes throughout the way.

“It was a long and difficult process, but we wanted to make sure that the website includes all the features necessary for an experience as pleasant and easy as possible for our clients and potential business partners. We appreciate the patience and understanding of The Creative Beards and also their effort of pleasing us. We have been a demanding client and a lot of energy was consumed on both sides. But the result is worth the effort, ” explained Mihaela Georgescu, PR Department Manager.

As improvement is a constant desire of the law firm, Pachiu & Associates encourages visitors to offer feedback on its new image by entering the contact page on www.pachiu.com.

Pachiu & Associates is a leading Romanian business law firm, with a strong focus on the energy sector. Started by one of the first business lawyers in Romania, its purpose is to offer prompt, effective and personalised solutions to all legal matters which domestic and international clients, regardless of their size, are confronted with in Romania.

The Beards Creative is a full service digital agency specialized in branding as well as mobile & web communication solutions. More details on www.thebeards.co.

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