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News from Members A_BEST has launched a new course: Romanian for Asian workers

A_BEST has launched a new course: Romanian for Asian workers

by A_BEST Foreign Language Center May 23, 2023


Throughout its approximately 15 years on the profile market in Romania, A_BEST (, one of the largest independent language learning centers in Romania, has worked with a series of top companies and various embassies. A_BEST expat learners come from 4 continents namely Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

In the fall of 2015 A_BEST officially launched its first self-branded Romanian language textbook with a special focus on C-level expats in corporations and high-ranking officials in embassies.

“After about 8 years, the needs on the market of Romanian language courses for foreigners have diversified, so the A_BEST Foreign Language Center team has recently launched a new service, namely: Romanian language courses for the Asian workforce working in different sectors. The initiative came as a result of the significant increase in the number of Asian workers brought to Romania in recent years and implicitly, the increase in demand for Romanian language courses for them,” stated Aura Icodin, CEO and founder of A_BEST.

“The role of training programs dedicated to Asian workers has to be both formative and informative, so the training has to include contain elements of culture and civilization, so that the trainee can easily adapt to the working environment in Romania. In addition, it is essential that the lessons take into account the very large linguistic differences between the learners' mother tongue and Romanian,” Aura Icodin added.

The trainer has to pay attention to the following elements in the linguistic training of trainees studying Romanian: the general training level of the trainee; the previous experience in the assimilation of other foreign languages; the fundamental aspects of the culture of origin (which will have to be communicated to the trainer, so as to avoid unpleasant situations caused by not knowing the meaning of some gestures, reactions, etc.); the general linguistic classification of the mother tongue (thus the learner can acquire new knowledge of the Romanian language at a faster/slower pace, he or she can be integrated or not in a certain study group, etc.).

According to the study "Asian workers - solution for the labor shortage in Romania", carried out by the EWL Migration Platform and the Center for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw, workers from South and Southeast Asia want to work in Romania, most of them are young and 52% have already started learning Romanian, whereas a quarter of them stated that they want to enroll in a language course in the near future.

The new A_BEST Romanian language courses are tailored to the specific needs of Asian workers and are delivered by trainers with experience in teaching Romanian. The courses include grammar, vocabulary and conversation, as well as practical exercises to improve pronunciation and understanding of Romanian. “These Romanian language courses are addressed both to individual workers from India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. and to companies that want to help their Asian employees better integrate in the working environment in our country and improve communication within the organization. The sectors in which they are most frequently found are: construction, cleaning, warehouse logistics, hospitality, etc. Although most of these workers speak English, at least at a reasonable conversational level, knowing Romanian makes the integration process much easier and facilitates communication with all Romanian colleagues and local citizens. The labor market in Romania is becoming more and more complex, and the changes will undoubtedly not stop here,” said Aura Icodin.

About the A_BEST Foreign Language Center

A_BEST was set up in 2008 and is one of the top independent centers in Romania for learning foreign languages ​​by Romanians and expatriates. A_BEST offers integrated language services at international standards: language courses - general/ business/ specialized, open/ corporate language; Romanian language courses for expats; foreign language courses for children; tests with international recognition; translations; linguistic auditing; events dedicated to the academic environment.

With a portfolio of over 15 foreign languages, three international accreditations and one national one, the A_BEST Foreign Language Center has had, from 2008 to the present, over 400 legal entity clients (multinational or national companies, from various fields such as: FMCG, retail, logistics, banking, PHARMA, transport, banking, IT&C, TELECOM, insurance,

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