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News from Members 25 exceptional brands tell their story in Volume 10 of the book Superbrands for Romania

25 exceptional brands tell their story in Volume 10 of the book Superbrands for Romania

by BDR Associates October 18, 2021

Website www.bdr.ro

  • “Superbrands, The Braves” is the tagline for the program that honors brave brands during the pandemic, in 2021
  • Another 15 programs in Europe and worldwide have been completed or are ongoing

The 2021 edition of the Superbrands for Romania program is coming to an end, with the start of production of Superbrands for Romania book - Volume 10, which is expected to be published in December. Held under the tagline „Superbrands: The Braves”, this edition is dedicated to all the brave brands that have maintained both high quality standards and consumer trust, differentiating themselves in the market, in the context of the global Covid 19 pandemic. Their impeccable performance in a period marked by uncertainties and major changes, which have also had a significant impact on consumer preferences, has inspired the title of brave brands and Superbrand status in this special edition.

„All over the world, Superbrands mean reputation above all else: a brand equity that gains immense value in critical economic and social times. The more than 500 brands confirmed by a vote with the status of Superbrand, in a Romania that is experiencing a comprehensive health crisis, confirm this truth. We call them brave brands, the most suitable attribute for their tremendous achievement in keeping up the reputation, at a time of such great pressure. At the same time, we are grateful to the brands who have accepted the invitation to tell their story in Volume 10. Thanks to them, Superbrands continues to make history in Romania, offering unique brand models to the market. Congratulations to all the brave brands, Superbrands, the Braves, 2021! ", says Cătălina Rousseau, Country Manager of Superbrands Romania.

About brave brands validated Superbrands in 2021

The book Superbrands for Romania, Volume 10, presents the history and branding culture of 25 exceptional brands that are among the more than 500 brands that have received Superbrand status this year, based on the criteria proposed by the organization worldwide.

Brands with Superbrand status telling their success stories in the 2021 edition are, in alphabetical order: Allianz Tiriac, Avocatnet.ro, Bonduelle, Borsec, BMI Bramac, Catena, DHL, Electric Castle, Europa FM, Fashion Days, Garanti BBVA, Gerovital, IQOS, Medlife, Mobexpert, Olympus, Oral-B, Orange, Profi, Rompetrol, Scotch-Brite, Tymbark, Untdelemn de la Bunica, Vaillant, Visa. They offer models of branding culture, interesting facts about the life of the brand and remarkable achievements, in the "Things You Did not Know" section.

About brands with guest status, in the 2021 edition

Another 5 brands that have come to the attention of the Superbrands Romania 2021 program, either by entering the local market last year or by maturing their branding culture, describe their remarkable rise in the Guest Brands chapter. These brands with great potential for future Superbrand status in Romania are: Artmark, ArtSafari, Marmorosch Hotel, Nordis Hotel, TIFF.

About the specialized information included in Superbrands Book 2021 - Volume 10

The current edition includes a detailed presentation of consumer research conducted by the famous Ipsos Institute, the programme's partner for Romania, as well as information and statistics from the field of branding that are less known to the public. Also included is the brief presentation of the 30 members of the Superbrands Honorary Council and the 25 specialists, called in Sueprbrand language: "Brand Guardians", as well as the complete list of all brands chosen in the local market for Superbrand status in 2021.

About Superbrand Status

Superbrand status is awarded through a complex evaluation process. The main steps are: the evaluation by 30 professionals from representative industries, who decide the short list of brands that enter on the second evaluation phase, the consumer market research, developed in collaboration with Ipsos Romania. Superbrand status confirms a brand's recognition in a market, gives it prestige, and reassures consumers or business partners that their choice is the right one, from the perspective of an impeccable reputation that is continuously and creatively built.

The book Superbrands for Romania, through the strong brands included in each program, represents an exceptional tool to promote the potential of the Romanian market and can be considered as an image carrier for Romania.

Superbrands worldwide

The new Superbrands editions for: Austria, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia (also the 10th edition), Slovenia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Hungary have been published or are being finalized this year, as well as for the United Kingdom, the country of origin of the Superbrands program, which is now preparing the 22nd Superbrands volume. Other Superbrands programs are well underway in markets on other continents.

Superbrands Romania in numbers:

  • 16 years of activity on the local market
  • 10 editions: 8 editions Consumer Superbrands (2006, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021) and two editions Business Superbrands (2007 and 2008).
  • 375 successful models in branding and communication
  • 260 personalities and opinion leaders from various fields of activity, specialists and professionals from management, marketing, communication, branding, media and other relevant sectors were part of the Superbrands Honorary Council
  • For more information about the Superbrands Romania program, please visit www.ro.superbrands.com.

About Superbrands Romania: Superbrands has been present in Romania since 2005, developing programs tailored to the Romanian market and local branding culture through strategic communications and public relations agency BDR Associates. Programs developed so far include seven editions of Consumer Superbrands (2006, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021) and two editions of Business Superbrands (2007 and 2008), offering over 375 successful models for branding and communication. Over time, the Superbrands programs in Romania have brought together more than 260 specialists and professionals in management, marketing, communications, branding and other fields in the Superbrands Honorary Council. For more information about the Superbrands Romania program, please visit www.ro.superbrands.com

About BDR Associates: Founded in 1995, the strategic communications and public relations agency BDR Associates is the exclusive partner in Romania of Hill + Knowlton Strategies, part of the WPP Group, one of the largest communications groups in the world. BDR Associates has expanded its operations to other markets, opening its first communications agency in the Republic of Moldova in 2002. BDR Associates provides strategic communications services, public affairs and crisis management, specialized training, corporate communications, branding, events, creative development, digital PR, EU projects, specific monitoring and sector analysis, and other services to multinational or corporate companies, international institutions or non-governmental organizations, and other categories of clients. Over the years, BDR Associates has established strategic partnerships with various consulting companies in Europe and other regions, becoming a leading agency in the communications market in the region. For more information, please visit www.bdrassociates.com.

About Superbrands International: Superbrands is an independent international organization operating in 90 countries around the world and has been proactively stimulating the development of local markets for over 27 years through specialized branding programs and the publication of over 550 volumes of "Superbrands" that honor the cultural reputation of brands as well as the communications industry in each country.

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