Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners Organizes a Conference on Children’s Rights and Welfare in Parents’ Divorce

Date: 04/17/2018
 Law firm Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners (ZRP) will host on Tuesday, the 24th of April 2018, the conference “Children’s Exposure to Disputes Between Parents”. The event is organized with the support of the National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption, Estuar Foundation and Salvați Copiii – Save the Children Romania, and will take place at Athénée Palace Hilton, Regina Maria Conference Room, starting 9:00 a.m.

Marriage and divorce statistics show an increase in the number of divorces and of children impacted by parental separation. The conference aims to bring together legal professionals and reputed psychologists and discuss such trends with the objective to identify efficient legal means to protect children’s rights and ways to minimize the traumatic impact of divorce on minors.


  • Domicile of Minors. Legal Remedies to Reinstate Factual Circumstances in National and International Legislation
  • Child Support – A Right of the Child
  • Co-parenting after Divorce – Why It Is Important for Children to Maintain Their Relationship with Both Parents
  • Divorce and the Cognitive Achievement of Children
  • How Well Do Children Adapt to Divorce or Separation?
  • Defamation During a Divorce: How Parents Make It Difficult for Children to Love Their Other Parent


  • Gabriela Coman, President, National Authority for Child Rights Protection and Adoption
  • Emilia Mădulărescu, Judge, Bucharest Court of Appeal, Civil Section IV
  • Ovidiu Șerban, Managing Associate, Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners
  • Dr. Cristian Andrei, President, Estuar Foundation
  • Marius Rusu, Psychologist, Salvați Copiii – Save the Children Romania
  • Monica Doroftei, Psychologist

Event Moderator: dr. Cosmin Vasile, Managing partner, Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners


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EVENT REGISTRATION – until April 20, 2018:

Anca Doicin
Phone: 0753 066 151

Participation in the event is free of charge and must be confirmed upon availability.


About Zamfirescu Racoţi & Partners

Zamfirescu Racoţi & Partners (ZRP) is recognized as one of the leading law firms in Romania, providing legal assistance services in the areas of litigation and arbitration, as well as business law and tax consultancy.

ZRP has a team of 53 lawyers, including eight partners: Călin-Andrei Zamfirescu, Ioana Racoţi and Stan Tîrnoveanu (founding partners), Cosmin Vasile (managing partner), Anca Danilescu (senior partner), Elena Iacob (partner), Alina Tugearu (partner) and Valerian Cioclei (partner of counsel).

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