Integrated Medical Care – “Best Practices in Improving Access and Outcomes Along the Care Pathways in Oncology organized by AmCham Romania and the U.S. Embassy Today

Date: 04/12/2017
AmCham Romania, through its Health Committee and the U.S Embassy have organized this event aimed at facilitating  the dialog about the importance of improving access and patient outcomes across the pathway of care. We want to engage in this dialog relevant institutions and organizations involved in the operation and progress of the national health system in Romania.

We believe that access to the best policies and practices and to help improve the use of existing resources. through integrated care models as mechanisms used to promote the viability and sustainability of health systems. The holistic approach based on an integrated perspective, is an important step in finding solutions to the challenges facing the health system.

Key themes of the event:
  • The implementation of a National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) comprising prevention, screening, early diagnosis, care coordination and access to new therapies.
  • Defining the Fund for Innovation.
  • Early and timely access to innovative medical technologies through various access schemes (based on other countries best practices /Managed entry agreements)
  • Patient electronic registries
  • Collecting and implementing Real Word Data through cancer electronic registries.
  •  Increase access to PET/CT

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