EU issues guidelines for Member States to support shared economy businesses like Uber or Airbnb

Date: 06/03/2016
Source: Uber Romania

As part of the Single Market Strategy, on June 2, the Commission announced the European agenda for the collaborative economy.

The agenda gives guidance on how existing EU laws apply to collaborative economy business models such as Uber and Airbnb.

Also, it makes it clear that collaborative economy is an important and growing part of Europe’s economy, offering employment opportunities, flexible working arrangements and better use of resources.

Member States are advised to “take the opportunity to review, simplify and modernize market access requirements generally applicable to market operators, relieving them from unnecessary regulatory burden, regardless of the business model adopted.”

“Uber helps connect millions of people across Europe with a simple way to move around cities quickly and safely. Regulations are developing all across the world for drivers, riders and cities to fully benefit from this. Today, the European Commission has made it clear that EU laws protect collaborative economy services against undue restrictions, and is calling on Member States to review regulations that undermine their development” said Uber Romania officials, in response to the EU agenda of shared economy.

The European Commission communication also states that absolute bans and quantitative restrictions should only be seen as measures of last resort when there is no less restrictive alternative. National regulations should not unduly hamper the development of collaborative economy services. Member States should adapt their regulations in that respect.

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