Everyone agreed: Biomass and Biogas are a priority for Romania.

Date: 07/04/2014
Everyone agreed: Biomass and Biogas are a priority for Romania.
Now it is the time to implement a National Strategy!

Biomass and Biogas (BioEnergy) are a priority and necessity for Romania and a National Strategy for their implementation is the next step, according to the officials and experts who were speakers during the Inauguration of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas, on Wednesday 18.06 in Bucharest. In a crowded room with more than 220 participants, everyone agreed that this sector is the answer to the problems of waste treatment, environment and heating that Romania faces today.

During this 8 hour event, 68 investors from Romania and another 16 countries heard the representatives of the Government presenting the available funds in the sector, more than 400 million Euro so far and the next steps they propose. 3 Presidents of European Associations explained why BioEnergy is a priority for Europe and why it has great potential in Romania too. Based on all these affirmations, the President of ARBIO, Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis and the member of the Board, Mr. Jean Valvis, stressed the need of a National Strategy for BioEnergy, so as to deal with the hundreds of millions of tons of waste produced every year, plus to resolve the serious heating problems that exist at local level around the country.

Some of the most important declarations:

Daniel Constantin (Vice Prime Minister of Romania, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development): "We will support the development of the Biomass sector in Romania as we believe in its critical support to Agriculture. There is a lot of waste that has to be taken care of and Biomass is the answer for this".

Iulian Iancu (Chairman of the Committee for Industry and Services, Chamber of Deputies): “We agree on the advantages of Biomass and Biogas sector. We prepare a special legislation for Biomass and Cogeneration”.

Mircea Geoana (High Representative of the Government for Economic and Diplomatic Projects): "We want a National Strategy for Biomass and I will support its implementation"

Dan Ioan Gheorghiu (Advisor of the Prime Minister, Chairman & CEO, ISPE): "We understand the importance and the necessity of Biomass and Biogas. We can still reach the target of 500 MW until 2020, 350 MW for Biomass and 150 MW for Biogas. I assure you that we will act prudently, with results"

Emil Calota (Vice-president of ANRE): "Feed in Tariff scheme is expected to come during the following period"

Ilias Papageorgiadis (President of ARBIO): "Biomass and Biogas are the solutions for Romania's environment and cogeneration problems. We want a National Strategy for Biomass and Biogas and we will work so as to implement it as well”

Yannis Valvis (Investor / Biomass Pioneer): "We want a National Strategy for Biomass and we want it now"

Gustav Melin (President of AEBIOM): "67% of Renewable Energy in Europe is Biomass. Do it in Romania too and save 40% compared to fossils"

Jan Stambasky (President of EBA): "Biogas suits perfectly Romanian specifics. We will support you so as to avoid the mistakes of the others"

Ludger Spohr (President of EIPS): "You are already no.6 exporter of Pellets in Europe. As the demand will over-double, Romania has the chance to become one of the European leaders for exports and internal consumption"

Representatives of Ministers of Environment and Climate Change and for Waters, Forests and Fisheries and Mr. Adrian Marin, Advisor DGEM, Department of Energy: "We are aware of the critical role of Biomass sector in Romanian economy and we will support you with actions"

Viorel Beltechi (General Director of the Intermediary Body for Energy, Ministry of Economy): "150 million Euros for Biomass / Biogas investments by the Ministry of Economy"

Carmen Boteanu (Deputy Director of Management Authority for PNDR): "The available funds of PNDR for Biomass and Biogas and several measures available"

Alexandru Jurconi (President, National Federation PRO AGRO): "Romania has 200 million tons of waste each year. We need Biomass / Biogas or else we risk shutting down as farmers or industries"

Dorin Sfaca (President of the Romanian Association of Pellets Producers): "Pellets sector collaborates perfectly with Biomass so as both to serve tangible results to the Romanian economy. The potential is here, it is time to turn it into reality"

Alexandru Potor (President FNGAL): "We want Biomass in our communities, as it is the solution to so many different problems"

Catalin Tobescu (Representative of FORDAQ Romania): "Forest owners need Biomass; we prepare common actions with ARBIO"

Ionut Georgescu (President, Green Planet Association): “500 million Euro exist nowadays for urban waste treatment projects, but we need 2 billion Euro to reach the EU targets”.

Loredana Mihailescu (Partner, Energy Projects & Constructions, CMS Cameron McKenna): “The available subvention schemes and how does the scheme of “Contracts of Price Difference” work”

Gabriel Matei (TEB Energy Business), Jochen Springer (GICON Advanced Environmental Technology) and
Marius Suciu (Biogest): “How to implement a Biogas project in Romania and the experience from abroad. Who benefits, what are the advantages and the challenges”

Alexandru Coita (Managing Partner & Founder, Ganes Strategy): "Hundreds of millions of Euro available for Biomass projects. The actual situation and the available grants, per sector and per program"

Ovidiu Ciofu (Risk & Insurance Technique Manager, GrECo JLT Romania GmbH): “How to insure your BioEnergy plant”

During the following days the speeches and the presentations will be available for the media and for the members of ARBIO.


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