AmCham Romania Expresses Its Concern Regarding the New Taxes Announced by the Authorities

Date: 11/08/2013
The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) expresses its concern regarding the new wave of taxes recently announced by the Romanian Government. Along with the increased taxation already enforced without prior, transparent consultations with the business community, such decisions only lead to an unprecedented rise in the past 20 years of the fiscal burden for the Romanian taxpayers.

At the same time, the lack of coherency and consistency in adopting fiscal measures as well the frequent and unpredictable interventions of the Government in the economy distorts market mechanisms, generates difficulties in business planning, with severe consequences for the Romanian business climate and Romania’s overall attractiveness for investments and its economic competitiveness.

Without a country strategy to align with, the Romanian fiscal system, instead of being modernized through efficient and equitable mechanisms to support Romania’s development and the efforts of the business community under the current difficult market conditions, it is more likely to become an obstacle, especially given the distortions created by corruption, tax evasion and increased illicit trade of excisable products.

We are especially underscoring the significant negative consequences generated by the proposals to increase excises on oil products, the change in the calculation method of excises and imposing a new tax on the accounting value of special constructions. Far from representing a sustainable solution for securing state budget resources, all of the above will lead to an increases tax evasion, a sharp decrease of investments, lower number of jobs and a series of difficulties in the economy. Measures such as increased fuel prices or taxes on special constructions will be reflected in increased productions costs and sale prices for Romanian products which will affect their competitiveness on the foreign markets. Moreover, such measures are liable to open a new infringement procedure for Romania, as they are not in line to the provisions of the European Directives.

We believe that amending the fiscal legislation and introducing new taxes without consultations with the private sector and ignoring signals on their side, in a year when AmCham members have intensively and extensively contributed with their expertise and well-grounded recommendations to the rewriting of the Fiscal Code and Fiscal Procedural Code, can lead to a lack of confidence within the business community in the fairness and transparency of state institutions, especially as such measures are adopted in a hasty manner, without impact studies, as a result of the authorities failure to collect the planned resources.
Last but not least, we are reiterating our firm position regarding the inefficiency of increasing taxes and introducing new duties, by randomly increasing the taxation level, and officially call on the Romanian Government and Ministry of Public Finances to focus on the commitments engaged in relation to the business community and society at large, by adopting real measures to efficiently curb tax evasion, accelerate the ANAF reform and increasing the level of voluntary compliance of taxpayers.
To this end, AmCham Romania expresses its openness for dialogue and cooperation with the relevant state institutions.

About AmCham Romania
The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) is the first choice for advocacy and business growth in Romania. The organization was based in 1993 and it now represents over 350 members - U.S., international and local companies, with total investments worth over USD 10 billion and generating approximately 200,000 jobs. AmCham Romania is firmly committed to facilitating an open dialogue between the business community and the central authorities, promoting transparent solutions and priorities for making Romania a better home for businesses and increasing the country’s economic competitiveness in the region and at European level. AmCham Romania is an accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and part of the European network – AmChams in Europe.
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